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introduces two remote heads that offer lightweight solutions when placed in a light box and also free up the Qflash for placement on a light stand. A Quantum remote head—QF36T for the Qflash T/T2 and the QF36X for the Qflash X/X2—eliminates your setup's top-heavy configuration and moves the control panel as close as your fingertips.
Each head has an eight-foot straight cable that plugs into the flash tube socket of a Qflash. There's also a threaded socket for use with a light box, an umbrella bracket, and a light-stand combo. For automatic mode, make sure the Qflash is mounted and has its sensor aimed at the subject. To read the light at the camera use Quantum's Remote Sensor QF21.
Manufacturer: Quantum Instruments Inc.

has developed an all-in-one 28-200mm lens—the A03—that's the most compact, lightweight lens in its class. Following nine years of high-mag zoom lens R&D and listening to customer feedback, Tamron created this fourth-generation 28-200 zoom. With a filter size of just 62mm, a maximum diameter of 2.8 inches (71mm), an overall length of 3 inches (75.2mm), it weighs in at only 12.5 ounces.
The lens features a flower-shaped hood for optimum shading, a lock to prevent if from accidentally extending when carried on the shoulder, and a minimum shooting distance of 19.3 inches over the entire zoom area.
Manufacturer: Tamron USA, Inc.
announces the Sinar Cyber Kit, a tool that offers Sinarback shooters unrestricted mobility, independence from a computer, and the ability to use the back with all medium-format cameras. Small and robust, this exposure unit works in the background while the shoot progresses, allowing superfast exposure sequences with great uniformity. It can be attached to a belt, completely freeing the hands for the camera; has a touch screen that's a snap to operate even in glaring sunshine; accommodates about 1,400 images, which can be downloaded quickly and easily; and has a battery with virtually problem-free charging cycles.
Manufacturer: Sinar Bron
introduces the Notelite CL-5000N light box, an ultra-thin, compact light panel for viewing transparencies and negatives while traveling. Distributed by Mamiya America Corp., it's only slightly more than half an inch thick (13mm) and weighs less than a pound (0.9 pound), with a viewing area that measures 5 x 9- inches (135 x 230mm)—large enough to view a strip of four 645 frames, two 4 x 5-inch transparencies or negs, or three six-frame strips of 35mm film. With an exterior measurement of only 10.5 x 6.8 x 0.5 inches (266 x 173 x 13mm), just slip the light box into a camera bag, briefcase, or even a large jacket pocket. The switchable AC power supply works on 90-130 volts and the viewing light is a long-life, cold-cathode tube with a color temperature of 5000K (+/- 300K) for accurate color rendition.
Manufacturer: Cabin
designs and produces custom portfolios and presentation cases for photographers, designers, and other pros with a passion for quality, artistry, and originality. Generating a buzz around the design community because of their novel look and eclectic materials—natural and synthetic—from leather exteriors with aged copper corners to anodized aluminum and colorful acrylic, they're an eclectic mix of art history and pop culture.
Manufacturer: Lost Luggage