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has Jobo Fototechnic giddy as a biker with a new tattoo for being named U.S. distributor for Crumpler's hot photo, computer, and messenger bags. These bold Australian bags, born for the hard miles, are made from the best materials around: DuPont Cordura Plus, ripstop lining, unbreakable size-10 zips, industrial seat-belt webbing, and nylon belt buckles. They're tough, waterproof, and strong enough for international peace missions or for use as tummy protectors while swimming in shark cages or playing hot potato with a beehive. Crumpler bags are shoulder-hugging, hand-holding, tough-hanging crazy bags that make sense in a new century. If you don't have one, you just don't get it.
Manufacturer: Crumpler

presents EyeLiner PI, a helpful tool for photographing babies, small children, and pets, by keeping the subject looking into the lens for an extended period of time. Developed by director/cameraman Steve McWilliams, the EyeLiner PI is a lightweight device that accommodates professional still formats, on location and in the studio. Using a unique beam splitter-mirror combination, the camera lens is hidden so the subject only sees the photographer's face. Says McWilliams, "I can hold a baby's look for extended periods of time, concentrating on shooting rather than using my energy to trick a fleeting glance toward the lens." Adds portrait photographer Mark Waggy, "The contact sheets say it all—24 pictures in a row, dead into the lens."
Manufacturer: EyeLiner, Inc.
has designed a special edition of its Qflash models T2 and X2 with a transparent case. These clear-case models—QFT2C and QFX2C—share the technology and inner workings of the original Qflash design and function exactly as the standard models, powered by either Turbo, Turbo Z, or Qpaq portable packs. Originally designed for display only, the Clear Qflash were soon being requested by photographers, especially for weddings and portraits.
Manufacturer: Quantum Instruments Inc
introduces the DiMAGE 7, an easy to operate, SLR-type digital camera with a lightweight magnesium alloy body and built-in flash. It has a 7x optical zoom range (equivalent to a 28mm-200mm lens in a 35mm format) and 2x digital zoom abilities. The 5.24 megapixel camera features an ultra-high resolution apochromatic Minolta GT lens, CxProcess Image Processing System, high-speed Large Scale Integration (LSI) chip, and Flex Focus Point autofocus control. It takes full advantage of Advanced Distance Integration (ADI) flash metering when used with the 5600HS (D) and 3600HS (D) program flash.
Manufacturer: Minolta Corporation
offers professional photographers the opportunity to see their clients' favorite images turned into postage-size, self-adhesive stamps. Sold in multiples of 50, decorative PhotoStamps add a personal touch to wedding invitations, thank-you notes, etc. Advanced printing technology reproduces color, B&W, or enhanced photos, flat artwork or logos with fine quality and resolution. The stickers are perforated for authenticity.
Manufacturer: Special Delivery Gifts