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introduced two versatile and creative macro flash systems—the Macro Twin Flash 2400 and the Macro Ring Flash 1200—both to be used with its Maxxum camera system, in combination with the Macro Flash Controller.
The Macro Twin Flash 2400 features adjustable flash heads that can be combined with various attachments for wide-angle flash photography, top lighting for natural lighting, or soft lighting. The Macro Ring Flash 1200 provides precise, versatile lighting for macro photos in the nature photography, medical, and scientific fields. Each of the ring flash unit's four flash tubes can be illuminated independently to provide more natural lighting effects for very close subjects.
The Minolta Flash Controller features accurate TTL automatic flash metering control, a Manual Flash Control function with seven power levels and Custom Functions.
Manufacturer: Minolta Corporation
has announced availability of its 95mm Slim-Line Circular Polarizing Filter for use with medium-format, large-format, or any other lenses having a 95mm diameter threaded barrel.
These B+W Slim-Line polarizing filters are made of optical glass that is precision ground and polished to the highest industry standards. All are tested with a laser interferometer to ensure flatness and the perfect parallel relationship of both sides.
Manufacturer: Schneider Optics, Inc.
has created the DMC line of Digital Memory Cases to prevent delicate memory cards from becoming scratched, damaged, or misplaced. The padded DMC-1, made of the leather-like Koskin, provides reliable protection for most digital memory cards—including the Memory Stick, Smart Media, CompactFlash, and Clik PC cards—and four AA batteries. The pocket-sized DMC-2 holds up to six memory cards—with the exception of the Clik PC card—and is small enough to fit securely in a shirt pocket or camera accessory bag.
Manufacturer: Case Logic
award-winning proFile 6000 digital camera back, used with high-end medium-format cameras, captures the largest digital images in its class. Professional photographers worldwide use the proFile backs for their fashion, portrait, and studio creations. proVision, an intuitive, easy-to-use software interface, gives shooters total control of their creations. And with built-in ICC profiling, you get fantastic—and precise—output. The proFile 6000 captures in RGB and CMYK, in 8- and 16-bit modes, and generates uninterpolated files up to 144MB (16-bit RGB) and up to 36MB in single-shot mode (16-bit RGB). The proFile 6000 swept the competition of all three high-end digital capture products during the recent DIMA Digital Shoot-Out in Orlando.
Manufacturer: JOBO Fototechnic, Inc.
Photo Oil Coloring System released Marshall's line of Canvas Ink Jet Paper. Cotton coated, 8.5"x11" and 11"x17", and an extra-heavy 110 pounds, the paper comes in white, in packages of 10 or 25 sheets. It is recommended for use when the printer is set to the 720- 1440 dpi mode and to accommodate heavyweight paper.
To create hand-colored works of art with Marshall's Ink Jet Canvas, start with your own scanned images, photography, illustrations, or artwork, print them directly on the canvas—color or b&w—with your ink jet printer. Hand-color with Marshall's Photo Oils to add your own color or enhance the existing colors.
Marshall Photo Oils is a division of Brandess-Kalt-Aetna Group, Inc., located in Vernon Hills, Illinois.
Manufacturer: Marshall's Photo Oil Coloring System
announced that its Mosaic collection is now offered in two new contemporary color combinations. A chic all-black combination features blind-embossed pages and mats, as well as rich black gilding. Another new look is the black mat with silver tooling and silver gilding. These new colors, along with traditional black/gold and ivory/gold, offer multiple options in an elegant bound slip-in album.
For special introductory offers, call 800-666-6653.
Manufacturer: Capri Album

introduces its newest color management tool, MonacoEZcolor 2.0, which features patent-pending technology and functionality, including profile editing and Monaco ColorWorks, a workflow tool that brings the ability to soft proof and print with profiles.
MonacoEZcolor 2.0 eliminates the cost and complexity barriers of traditional color management and has a first-of-its-kind, wizard-like interface that steps users through the profiling process. It uses a flatbed scanner as a measurement device, eliminating the need for a spectrophotometer. The software includes a separate portion for editing output profiles, giving users individual control over color balance (in highlights, mid-tones, and shadows), saturation, and contrast. Monaco ColorWorks is a powerful, easy-to-use workflow tool that allows, for the first time, accurate scanner-based profiling of pigment-based inks, dye sublimation printers, and papers with artificial lighteners.
Manufacturer: Monaco Systems

introduced the digital EI-3000 camera, which combines the classic lines and control of an SLR with the versatility of a digital camera. The EI-3000's traditional camera design places the lens almost at the center of the body, offering natural balance and the familiar feel of a 35mm SLR. Its ergonomically designed curves in the body and rubber surface on the front ensure secure handling. It's equipped with a 3X Pentax optical zoom lens with a range of 8.2mm-25.8mm (equivalent to 34mm-107mm in 35mm format); 3.43 megapixel, 2/3-inch frame transfer CCD; an optical viewfinder with a field of view of 95 percent with diopter adjustment from -3 to +1; 2-inch TFT color LCD monitor; HP Imaging Technology, which adjusts light and shade for faithful representation of natural colors.
Manufacturer: Pentax Corporation