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has introduced a 1GB Microdrive removable storage device, compatible with Fujifilm's new FinePix S1 Pro. The S1 has two built-in storage options for photographers on the move: the traditional SmartMedia system and CompactFlash Type II, which is compatible with the Microdrive. The Microdrive can also be paired with a PC card adapter and various USB readers for use with desktop and laptop computers, providing even more accessibility.
Manufacturer: Fuji Photo Film U.S.A. Joining forces with Seagull and Great Choice, Phoenix Corporation has become the exclusive distributor for the Seagull Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) cameras and the Hikari 35mm SLR cameras in the U.S., Canada, Central America, South America, and Mexico. The Seagull 4B-1, 4A-105, 4A-107, as well as the Hikari 35mm, all use 120-roll film. There is also a limited edition Gold 4A-107 camera available.
Seagull The new TC2000 Series of durable engineered cases manufactured by NORTH AMERICAN CASE and distributed by Cases Plus, Inc., was created for strength, style, and comfort. With an outer shell of high-density thermoformed polyethylene plastic, the cases exhibit chemical resistance and strength. Water, salt, and dust are kept at bay by the gasket-in-valance seal between the body and the top-of-the-case closure. Loads up to 150 pounds are manageable, thanks to the recessed exterior-mounted wheels and telescoping handles; I-STACK guides make for easy stacking. For added flexibility, users can remove the perforated foam interior, available in 1- or 2-inch increments, to increase storage room. A charcoal-gray outer shell and black powder-coated aluminum valance lend style to the cases. Manufacturer: North American Case The PocketWizard MAX, designed by LPA Design and marketed exclusively by Mamiya America, offers high-tech features in a remote control, LCD, illuminated keypad design. Featuring digital radio technology and Quad Triggering Control, 32 digitally coded channels, up to 1600+ foot range, and small compact lightweight design, PocketWizards incorporate a 16-bit digitally coded transmitter and receiver, which send a dedicated signal only recognizable by a PocketWizard receiver set for the same channel. An advanced computerized digital communication system with a mini-phone plug connection system greatly increases the products' reliability. Specialty accessories include the Speed Cycler, a camera/strobe sequencer; Low Voltage Triggers, high-sync voltage protection for your camera; Time Machine, a trigger time controller, and Wave Sensor, beam and sound trigger.
LPA Design Silver Pixel's Printing Special Effects [ISBN: 1-883403-82-0], by Julien Busselle, includes tips, techniques, and stunning images form top contemporary photographers. Step-by-step instructions with in-progress photos explain the how-tos of handling, metering, filtration, increasing film speed, enhancing grain, using diffusion filters and texture screens, multiple and split toning. Silver Pixel Press is a Tiffen Company.