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introduced the Digital Lighting Kit, which comes with a small, medium, or large Silverdome NXT softbox, a Starlite 3200 light, a four-section Litestand, and a CD that illustrates how the kit can be used for various applications, from catalog and print ads to studio portraits. Used with the tungsten Starlite 3200 light, all three softbox kits create soft highlights and even, natural lighting while eliminating hot spots.
Manufacturer: Photoflex Inc.

announced the Profoto Acute 2R, which incorporates a digital wireless radio receiver, leading the way to digital wireless freedom. Distributed by Mamiya America Corporation, the new Acute 2R generator can be fired remotely at a distance of up to 300 feet without a sync cord and is compatible with the entire line of PocketWizard transmitters, receivers, and transceivers, as well as the newest Sekonic light meters, which also incorporate this technology.
Manufacturer: Profoto
introduces its 405 Pro Digital Geared Head, designed for digital photographers who shoot medium-format or 35mm/backs up to 15 pounds. Distributed in the U.S. exclusively by Bogen Photo Corp., the 405 uses large, easy-to-grip knobs that provide smooth, positive, geared control through 360-degree pan and +90-degree to -30-degree frontal and lateral tilt. It also allows the user to instantly disengage the gears and position the camera by hand, then reengage them for ultra-precise final alignment.
Manufacturer: Manfrotto
announces their CD1 and CD3 Turbo Cables, which enable Nikon and Kodak digital cameras, respectively, and their dedicated flashes to be powered by a Quantum Turbo Battery. The Turbo Battery supplies high voltage for the Nikon SB28DX and SB28D, and low voltage for the Nikon D1, D1x, D1H and Kodak DCS 720X, 760, 620X, 620, and 520. Use a Quantum "Dual" connector QT48 with Turbo Cables CD1 (Nikon), CD3 (Kodak), and CKE (Nikon SB28DX, SB28D) to power camera and flash. To power a Nikon or Kodak digital camera alone, just use the CD1 or CD3 cable.
Manufacturer: Quantum Instruments, Inc.
debuted the Kodak Professional 5260 Inkjet Printer, the first in a line of high-speed, wide-format inkjet printers that employs piezo inkjet print head technology, six colors, and DYNAMIC CONTONE printing-the ability to deliver five distinct drop sizes over an extended range (8pl to 67pl) on a pixel-by-pixel basis. The result: quality output at up to 500 square feet per hour at 300 dpi with an "apparent resolution" three to four times higher.
Manufacturer: Eastman Kodak Co.

In October, the Innovations item announcing optional colors for Hasselblad's popular 501CM kit and 503CW showed a B&W image of the 905SWC. Here's the photo that should have run.