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has launched the C14, a digital camera for macro photography and microscopy. Designed for corporate and medical labs, as well as scientific imaging professionals, the C14 sports FireWire, crucial for fast live images. OHCI-compliance allows for plug & play of one camera into several computers in the lab, Mac and Windows-based. Between each of 36 exposures, the 1.3 megapixel CCD array sensor shifts half a pixel's width, recording full RGB information for each pixel, eliminating the need for interpolation. The sensor is cooled by a Peltier element and an additional fan.
Manufacturer: Jenoptik

announces a flexible, accessory-compatible, compact, and colorful line of AlienBees flash units for studio and location shooting. Their flashpower and modeling lamp intensity can be simultaneously and continually variable over a 6 f-stop stepless adjustment range from full to 1/32 power. These powerful units produce a balanced daylight spectrum 5600-degree K illumination, with relatively low UV emission and maximum efficacy. The built-in flash-sensitive slave tripper fires the unit anytime another flash unit is fired in the vicinity, eliminating the need for running a sync cord to each unit. The large diameter flashtube has a life in the 100,000-500,000 flash range. Extremely small and lightweight, versatile, and invincible, AlienBees come in Deep Space Black, Martian Pink, Alien Green, and Mello Yello.
Manufacturer: AlienBees, Inc.
has introduced the Monitor Spyder colorimeter and ColorVision RGB suites, which include the Spyder with OptiCal or PhotoCal software. The Monitor Spyder features USB communication and has eight sensors and seven long-pass filters that more closely match the human eye's response than three- or four-filter colorimeters. OptiCal calibrates and profiles monitors to create high-quality ICC monitor profiles and offers multiple choices for gamma and color temperature settings. Profiler RGB creates RGB profiles for any inkjet printer-paper combination and functions as a Photoshop plug-in. A third software bundled with the Monitor Spyder, PhotoCal, is geared to consumers.
Manufacturer: ColorVision, Inc.
introduces the new Pro Digix-Microprocessor controlled Film Projection System, a new souped-up system for generating a positive video signal directly from a film negative. The signal can be projected on a TV screen to present proofs to customers, used with a VCR to create proof videotapes, or used with a video capture card to create computer images files to post on the Web or burn to a CD. In addition to red, green, blue, and brightness adjustments, the new Pro-Digix has sharpness control, y-gamma for varying black level, c-gamma for enhancing color level, a 10X zoom, and key auto settings that leave the photographer free to discuss the images—without distractions—with clients.
Manufacturer: Videoptics Inc.
recently announced Version 7 of its Photo One Studio Management Software, created to improve the workflow and management of photography studios. Among the user-requested enhancements: the software imports ProShots customer and order information; copies customer and appointment info directly to Microsoft Outlook or Palm Desktop; exports customer names, appointments, contacts, orders, payments to Microsoft Excel; puts USPS Postnet bar coding on bulk mailing labels and envelopes; recaps day's business; enables credit card processing directly from Photo One without added terminals.
Manufacturer: Granite Bear Development