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. SCHNEIDER announced the availability of four new high-performance loupes. Designed to be as attractive to look out as they are to use, the loupes have a silver-luster finish and come in four models: 10X for high power examination of a portion of an image, 6X Aspheric and 4X, both of which cover the full-frame 35mm format, and 3X, which covers the full 6x7cm format. The loupes ensure maximum edge-to-edge sharpness, high resolution and contrast, an image free of distortion and color fringing, and a helical lens mount, which allows for individual vision adjustment.
Schneider Optics, Inc. Pictrography 3500, like its predecessor, the Pictrography 3000, is a high-end digital printer for photo labs, photo studios, and graphics companies. It produces brilliant color prints from a wide range of digital image data including computer graphics, scanned images, digital camera output, and photo CDs. Its Laser Exposure Thermal Development and Transfer Technology produces sharp, detailed pictures without chemicals or toner.
Manufacturer: Fuji Photo Film U.S.A. announces six new photo folders, including the Mirage, which uses two-color foil to suggest a 3-D border. Featuring a linen-finish stock in black or slate, it's side loading and comes in eight sizes. Also new are five recycled-stock, economy folders with designs ranging from classic to conventional to contemporary. The economy folders-Winslow, Classic, Clinton, Senior Slip-in, and Poplar-come in a variety of stock finishes, colors, and sizes.
Manufacturer: Taprell Loomis d. PHOENIX has announced the introduction of two mini tripods: Mini Kitty and Mini Kitty 2. Mini Kitty has five sections, weighs a mere 2.7 ounces, and extends from 3.5- to 6.25-inches. Mini Kitty 2 has three sections, weighs in at 4.8 ounces, extends from 2.75- to 9-inches, and has a ball head and an adjustment to lock it in. Both tripods have rubber feet.
Manufacturer: Phoenix Corporation of America announces the newest addition to its 80-model line of flexible underwater housings-the DN-950, designed to protect and allow easy operation of Nikon Coolpix digital still cameras N950, N960, and N990 under and above water. The airtight, waterproof, and flexible housing adjusts to underwater pressure and doesn't require O rings. Underwater photographers can take sharp, clear, quality photos at depths up to 33 feet. The camera's controls are accessible externally through the housing's flexible skin; some models have a finger sleeve in the skin that provides easy access to the main controls. A large, hardened optical-grade glass port in front of the lens preserves its sharpness and avoids introducing distortion. A window in the rear lets the photographer see the scene clearly through the viewfinder. Distributed in the U.S. by R.T.S.
Manufacturer: ewa-marine announces the newest addition to the Mamiya Precision Magnifier line: the Zoom, which covers a full-frame 35mm film at 4X magnification and increasingly finer detail as the magnifier zooms toward 12X. The Zoom is supplied with a built-in translucent hood for viewing opaque objects and a black metal hood, which blocks extraneous light from entering the eyepiece while viewing rear-lit transparencies or negatives, or viewing camera ground glass for focusing or inspection. This expands the line of Mamiya Magnifiers to five.
Manufacturer: Mamiya America Corporation