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LOGAN has just added a larger size model to its Slim Edge Light Pad series. The new A-3A model features an 11 1/2 X 16-inch viewing surface and an opening
Manufacturer: Logan Electric Specialty Manufacturing Co.

MANFROTTO's QR Magic Arms are handy tools to have around the studio
Manufacturer: Gruppo Manfrotto

LEE FILTERS' all-new Lighting Catalog is packed with new products and technical expertise. This 46-page catalog covers everything you need to know about lighting filters, including fluorescent sleeves, the Glass Series, gobos, protection media, storage systems, diffusion selectors, and valuable comparators and converters.
Manufacturer: LEE Filters

POLAROID recently introduced the 545 Pro Film Holder for 4X5 instant sheet film. The new camera back improves consistency, ensures shot-to-shot accuracy, and enhances the proofing stage by reducing the time and attention needed for managing the development process. An automatic processing timer counts down the optimal development time for the film used. When the film is developed, an audible signal is activated and the backlit LCD simultaneously flashes a visual prompt—ideal for a dimly lit studio environment. The 545 can be set for all Polaroid color, black-and-white, and positive/negative sheet films. Manufacturer: Polaroid Corp.

KYOCERA CORPORATION announces the Contax N1 35mm Auto Focus SLR camera, which incorporates three "world's firsts": a 5-point wide-array diagonal focus system, which enables the user to select the best focusing point for the shot; fine focus auto bracketing control, for making minute adjustments by shifting the focusing point in three automatic stages; and an optional liquid crystal display viewfinder, for preview composition and exposure, in color and black-and-white modes, before releasing the shutter. Contax also introduces four lenses developed by Carl Zeiss for use with the N1: Vario-Sonnar T 24-85mm F/3.5-4.5; Vario-Sonnar T 70-300mm F/4-5.6; Planar T 50mm F/1.4; and Makro-Planar T100mm F/2.8.
Manufacturer: Contax