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. LEAF recently added two models to its line of digital backs. The new Cantare XY provides both single- and multi-shot capabilities, by combining its three-color mosaic 2,048x3,072 pixel CCD with its new XY Weave technology, to provide a choice of one-, two-, and three-shot modes. Also new, the Leaf C-Most digital (one-shot) back, which sports a 6.6 megapixel CMOS sensor. The back is designed for maximum user friendliness for photographers making the move to digital, with an 11/f-stop dynamic range and 14 bits of color for each color channel. The back shoots at a speedy three frames per second and provides 10 fps video frame rate with its built-in electronic shutter.
Manufacturer: Leaf/CreoScitex introduced its new S242 "plug-and-shoot" digital workstation, for photographers looking for one-shot digital capture combined with a PC-compatible computer and an easy-to-use software interface. The S242 is a 6x7cm-format digital back (2000x2400 pixels) that's compatible with most of the popular medium-format camera systems. The system includes a Windows 2000 PC computer (700 MHz processor), a CD reader/writer, 17-inch monitor, and Epson 880 inkjet printer.
Manufacturer: MegaVision, Inc. recently introduced the LightPhase FlexAdapter to give photographers complete freedom of choice in photographic equipment when investing in digital photography. Also new, the FlexAdapter works with all Phase One models on most medium-format cameras, such as Hasselblad, Contax 645, and Mamiya 645AF. Via the FlexAdapter, the LightPhase is easily mounted on a wide range of 4x5-inch view cameras, including Sinar, Horseman, Toyo, and Linhof.
Manufacturer: Phase One has introduced an instant-dry semigloss paper solution for rush print jobs. This 7 mil microporous, nonresin coated paper was designed for piezo and thermal inkjet printers and performs best with pigment-based inks. Its water resistance provides increased handling ability and resistance to accidental water exposure. Great for photo enlargements, proofs, client presentations, and any other graphics requiring quick turnaround.
Manufacturer: LexJet Direct just expanded its line of inverter light viewers with the introduction of two HandyView portable 35mm slide viewers. These sleek, vision-friendly inverter light viewers produce daylight-balanced luminance that's ideal for all transparency checks. Measuring just 2.95x3.99x.59-inches and 4.654x4.11x.55-inches, the KLV-M35 and KLV-M70, respectively, are super convenient and portable.
Manufacturer: Hakuba USA, Inc. new AF70-300mm F/4-5.6 LD is an ultra telephoto zoom with a 1:2 macro feature. Due to its lightweight construction and new mechanical design, this ultra tele-zoom lens, with the same optical configuration as its predecessor 70-300mm, delivers extra handling ease and portability.
Manufacturer: Tamron USA, Inc. has unveiled two new slide print devices for developing multi-sized instant Polaroid prints from 35mm slides-the Daylab 35 Plus and Daylab 35. Self-contained, portable daylight printing systems, the two Daylabs deliver enhanced exposure and color rendition that produce super image and emulsion transfers, SX-70 manipulations, black-and-white internegatives, and layout, portfolio, and quick-copy prints. The Daylab 35 Plus also features built-in filtration, a tungsten viewing bulb, and cropping and enlarging capabilities.
Manufacturer: Polaroid Corporation Photo Oil Coloring System has introduced Marshall's Metallics. The set's gold, silver, bronze, and pearl paint allow handcolorists to lend a metallic or pearlized accent to their images. Mix the pearl paint with any Marshall's color for a variety of effects.
Manufacturer: Marshall Photo Oils introduced ViewFinder 5.0, a major upgrade to the company's DSC 4.2 digital scanning camera software. Enhancements include a larger preview and control panel window that adjusts to any size monitor; immediate, accurate upgrades of the existing preview image that occur with changes to exposure, sensitivity, color or tone curve; multiple-spot readings for automatic color balancing; crop mask and ToneZones to perfect each image; and the option to use ICC profiles for color management. With Better Light's real-time scans-arguably the fastest of any on the market-a full-color, 750 x1000 pixel prescan can be completed in as little as eight seconds.
Manufacturer: Better Light Inc. announced three new lenses for its 645AF camera. The AF 55-110mm F/4.5 and AF105-210mm F/4.5 Zoom lenses are ideal for a wide range of subjects, from portraits to landscapes. Their independent focus and zoom rings allow for optimal use of polarizing filters because the front elements do not rotate during zoom or focus actions. Their easy-grip two-position manual/autofocus clutch on the lens barrel allows fine manual focus adjustment via a quick pull on the lens focusing ring. A slight forward push on the ring engages the autofocus again. The MF 120mm F/4 Macro/Portrait lens allows good working distances in and out of the studio for extreme, detailed closeups to full-length portraits.
Manufacturer: Mamiya America Corporation