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The Kodak Professional DCS Pro Back is a medium-format back that features 16-megapixel resolution and creates 48MB image files. Designed for commercial location, tabletop, and high-end portraiture, the camera has a fully featured LCD, Kodak Professional DCS Capture Studio Software Version 1.5, full-frame CCD, removable anti-aliasing filter, digital anti-aliasing solutions, and a nonreflecting IR cutoff filter. Power by internal rechargeable batteries or FireWire cable. Compatible with the Hasselblad 555 ELD and Mamiya RZ film cameras; will be compatible with other units shortly.
Kodak Professional Fujifilm Digital Minilab Frontier 390 shares basic features with the Frontier 350/370, including a proprietary solid-state laser exposure system and digital image processing know-how. The unit has a new roll transport system (used in the print processor), faster image-reading scanner, and has total software compatibility with the 350/370. A dedicated sorter handles 25 orders at a time; print sizes range from 3R and 4R to index and panorama; and an automatic film feeder handles up to 20 rolls of 135 negative film.
Manufacturer: Fuji Photo Film Co.
has announced its 2001 catalog of painted backdrops, with more than 100 new styles in canvas and muslin. The "Designer Soft Series," the company's softest line of easy-draping muslins, is featured. "Designer" styles, which use a color-fast dye to avoid the stiffness of paint, are available in 39 color combinations. "Dreamland" style is shown.
Manufacturer: Studio Dynamics Photogenic's PowerLight 300DR is designed specifically for low power ranges with flash power settings of 4WS to 125WS, 125 Joules, and 300 effective watt-seconds. Featuring a back panel with touch control for flash and modeling lighting, the unit — only four pounds, eight ounces — has an easy-to-view lit digital display. The plug-in Flashtube has a ceramic base and glass cover to protect against high voltage.
Manufacturer: Photogenic Professional Lighting

is a new epicenter for all products, services, retailers, professionals, and consumers involved with photography and digital imaging. Developed to avoid channel conflicts and enhance sales of participating members, drives business and revenues through the Internet and to members' bricks-and-mortar businesses. Categories, listed by products, services, locales, and member names, are free to the industry.
Manufacturer: announces the Bronica RF645, a medium-format 6X4.5 coupled rangefinder camera designed for maximum efficiency. The interchangeable lens feature enables easy switching between the wide-angle 45mm f/4, the standard 65mm f/4, and the telephoto 135mm f/4.5. To prevent accidental film exposure, the camera has a light-shielding curtain that's activated when removing and replacing lenses. The Speedlight RF20, a dedicated strobe for the Bronica RF645, is compact and easy to use.
Manufacturer: Tamron Co., Ltd.