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Atsushi Yoneda, Fujifilm USA President and CEO

With the photo world abuzz with digital technology, Fujifilm ( continues to bring innovative digital and film products to the marketplace. And three of the company's latest offerings---;the Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro and Fujicolor Pro 160S and Pro 160C films--;bridge the narrowing gap between ditigal and film workflow. SP&D recently interviewed Atsushi Yoneda, president and chief executive officer of Fujifilm USA , to learn more about the company's plans to deliver innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing imaging needs of today's professional photographers. Read on for Mr. Yoneda's response. . .

What is Fujifilm's vision for meeting professional photographers' evolving equipment, capture, and output needs?

Fujifilm's legacy has been to provide professional photographers with a complete imaging solution, from quality capture and processing, to brilliant output and reliable storage. We work hard to ensure that the end product addresses the artistic and business needs of professional photographers, which, I believe, has helped us to build strong and trusted relationships within this community over the years.

Our vision for the future is to further this legacy by introducing new products and services that give photographers high-quality choices, while allowing them to easily grow their businesses.

As CEO, what do you see as the company's primary business and marketing strategies for the pro market?

Our primary strategy is to continue to develop tools that help photographers manage and build profits. Whether it is workflow software or new color negative film optimized for a hybrid (film and digital) workflow, each new product is designed to make it easier for professional photographers to turn pictures into profits.

What products in the works or recently introduced to the marketplace will meet or exceed those needs?

The products we design for the professional photographer consider the practical applications and demands of that market. For example, the recently released FinePix S3 Pro digital SLR brings digital photography closer to film quality standards than ever before, while enabling wedding and portrait photographers to work more efficiently.

The Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro, with its Super CCD SR II imaging sensor, has dynamic range capabilities 400 percent greater than cameras of similar sensor design, as well as film saturation modes that provide the look and feel of negative and chrome films. These new technologies greatly reduce the amount of time a professional photographer must spend on post-production, and we all know that time equals money.

Fujifilm's new professional films, Fujicolor Pro 160S and Fujicolor Pro 160C, aim to bridge the gap between digital and film workflow.

These innovative films offer the look and feel of smooth skin-tone rendition, neutral gray balance, exceptionally fine grain, and wide exposure latitude. The films also are designed to be optimized for digital scanning and printing systems, combining the granularity, color balance, and overall picture quality of negative film with the convenience of a post-scanning digital workflow.

The smooth, gentle tones and natural color of Fujicolor Pro 160S make it ideal for wedding, portrait, and fashion photography. The high contrast and vivid color of Fujicolor Pro 160C make it perfect for a wide range of applications, from portraiture to architecture to multiple commercial assignments.

Another new Fujifilm product, the recently introduced Fujichrome Velvia 100---;successor to the popular Fujichrome Velvia 50--;offers finer grain and twice the speed of Velvia 50, while offering that film's trademark color saturation and a palette that have made it the film of choice for landscape and nature photographers for years.

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