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ImageTracker Pro


Every photo assignment begins with the signing of a contract, gets moving once the shots are taken, and is completed when the images are delivered and the bill's in the mail. There's more than enough to keep organized-from names, dates, and places, to camera settings that document the data of each image to the many details that go into the day-to-day operation of a working studio.

What if keeping all that information organized were as easy as a few clicks of the mouse? Well, it is that simple with ImageTracker Pro, a new software solution built around the database application FileMaker Pro.

Super Studio Software

ImageTracker Pro is the brainchild of Jay Brenner and Jim Lennon of Brenner Lennon Photo Productions Inc., Plainview, New York, and FileMaker FSA developer Marianne Carroll. Unsatisfied with the studio management programs available, Brenner and Lennon approached Carroll about customizing software for them.

Carroll created ImageTracker Pro., which is built on FileMaker Pro. This super software can run the entire studio. It generates reports; organizes workflow; tracks photographers, equipment, and jobs; creates estimates and invoices; maintains price lists; imports thumbnails of final images; offers interactive on-screen help and a PDF user guide; and provides multi-user access and security.

Each day a progress report on all jobs is issued, which makes those early-morning staff meetings quick and efficient. With a staff of 19 including five photographers, a digital department with three full-time staffers, assistants, and production crew, Brenner and Lennon find the program invaluable.

All billable and non-billable time is recorded in the computer as work is done on each job. And during location shoots, they log into the system from their laptops to stay on top of the work being done back in the studio.

"ImageTracker makes everything we do here incredibly efficient," says Lennon. "The program manages the studio so we can spend more time shooting."

Concludes Lennon, "If photographers don't know the basic business principles, it will be more luck than strategy if they have more money coming in than going out. Or, they could let ImageTracker Pro help them get the job done." v

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Kodak Professional ML-500

High-Speed, High-Quality Printing Anytime, Anywhere

Our studio, Weeter Photography, in Knox, Pennsylvania, has been all-digital for over three years. We began the journey with a variety of inkjet printers. Realizing the inadequacies of the output devices, I experimented with the Kodak Professional 8660 thermal printers and wound up getting four to meet the demands of our in-house printing demands.

High school senior pictures make up the largest share of our revenue stream. We also have a large part of the regional wedding, family, and children's portrait market-including lucrative youth sports events. Team and individual photos, action and candid photos, dance schools, high school dances, preschool/daycare, and underclass school pictures round out our market focus.

Whereas images came out in no particular order with the four 8660 printers, the ML-500 stacks images in the order we print. So I was able to create a really profitable workflow model, as well as an uncluttered workspace.

This printer has been a real workhorse. Our expectations have been far exceeded, to the point where there are no questions about reliability and consistency from job to job. It keeps printing day after day with no issues.

Loading paper and ribbon in the ML-500 system takes us less than five minutes. The case design means the images are virtually dust-free. And since it's a dye-sub printer, it's also chemical- and liquid-free.

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