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A Quick and Easy, Start-to-Finish Internet Interface

ImageQuix Photos
Roy Madearis

ImageQuix Photos
Roy Madearis

Production speed is a high priority for professional photographers. ImageQuix fulfills this priority for my studio, significantly reducing production time while remaining highly cost-effective. The ease of client viewing/ordering, as well as in-house sorting/production of custom album design, are among the preferred services we offer at Madearis Studio.

ImageQuix gives our studio a means to evaluate, sort, edit, and determine which images to upload for client viewing. After loading images into the program, we have the option of putting wedding images into a storytelling form. The program has an extremely low learning curve, and it gives you easy access while moving individual images and groups of images around. The software also allows images to be numbered sequentially, when imported from a variety of sources.

The program works well for our clients, too. When ordering from the Internet, they can enjoy user-friendly viewing of enlargements and black-and-white/sepia images, as well as secure payment options. When they enter the ImageQuix Proof Viewer, they don’t even realize they’ve left our website. Emails from ImageQuix advise us of new orders and provide a way to print thumbnails of the image(s) ordered for studio reference.

We also have the option of providing custom pricing on an individual client basis each time we post images through their site. Images can be made available for whatever length of time we choose and can be reposted as necessary without extra fees. The ability to set a deadline for posting motivates clients to order. Until we “purge” images, access of images by clients is under our control.

Website traffic is rapidly becoming the gateway for clients to view our style and quality of photography. ImageQuix offers a variety of ways to customize image galleries and present information to our clients. It gives us a proven solution to enhance our studio’s image and increase sales revenue. Our ImageQuix website offers clients secure online proof viewing, print ordering and album review, and terrific service and support from their staff.

Search engine optimization is an added advantage in guiding clients to our site. Clients can stay within our site while browsing and ordering, thereby generating more traffic, which in turn ranks our site higher on search engines.

The diversity of movement and flash pieces throughout our studio’s website bring that extra little touch that can make or break the interest of a client who navigates to our website. There is basically no limit on website customization with the number of pages, galleries, and images that best serve our online needs—all for the same reasonable price. Free monthly website updates of text and graphics allow our studio image to remain fresh and contemporary.

A photo session proofing feature allows us to create a CD slideshow of a session with the option of how many times the CD can be viewed based on days, or how many times the CD is opened. The slideshow feature includes the option to set the images to music, fade transitions, copyright the images, and set pricing.

After everything has been photographed, sorted, edited, proofed, viewed by our client, and ordered from, ImageQuix provides a nice organized way to fulfill our orders through a ready lab, Full Color. For variety, ease of operation, and start-to-finish service, try ImageQuix.

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