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Have You Introduced Blogging to Your Business?

This month's Peer2Peer survey focuses on blogging. In the past five years, blogs have exploded, energizing Web pages of professionals everywhere. Blogging can be a lucrative business tool, allowing studio owners to connect with clients and network within the industry. Our research is based on the data collected between May 23 and May 29, 2007. With 1,048 respondents, 26 % answered that they have introduced blogging to their business. Here's what else we found out….


  • Of our respondents who answered "yes" to blogging (26.03%), 59.09% have been offering such services for less than a year (between 0–6 months).
  • Almost half of our respondents who do blog (47.65%) spend an hour or less blogging, and 36.31% of bloggers update their blog once a week.
  • A closer tie with clients was the major advantage derived from regular blogging, according to 21.97% of respondents.
  • For those respondents who do blog, 17.12% include recaps of recent events in their blog, and 15.77% include news about their studio.
  • When asked the primary reason for blogging, almost half (40.22%) of our respondents answered to increase communication with clients and prospects.

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Quotable Quotes

"I started my blog as a replacement for my bookmarks, as well as a replacement for a spiral-bound notebook. I used to keep track of lighting diagrams and other aspects of my journey in photography. Now when I need to reference or refresh some of those ideas, they're a quick search away. Also, writing my thoughts down helps me refine them. My blog is"
James Mullineaux, Saginaw, MI

"Being able to keep my clients and students up-to-date on what we're doing at the studio is a huge benefit. This helps to drive the 'word-of-mouth' campaign!"
Scott Carl, Main Street Photography & Events, Carlton, OR

"I use my blog to supplement my business website by showing a more personal side of me. I also like to show what it takes to make the final images that they see—I usually post before and after images on my blog."
Jason Vo, Eight12 Studios, Dallas, TX,

"While my website is static and doesn't change frequently, my blog changes often and drives traffic back to see what's new. My clients love it!"
Gerri Photography, Colborne, Ontario, Canada

"It's a chance to be very personable and even colloquial in our communication with clients. Other forms of communication require more professionalism and formality. Although our blog is very new, our feedback from clients has been very good."
Angelica Conley, Conley Photography, Inc., Indianapolis, IN,

"Blogging is a no-brainer! Clients are constantly checking it to see if I've put images out there. Once I have, they send all their friends and family to the blog. This has generated countless referrals. It's practically free and helps generate revenue. What's not to love about that?"
Jodi Fitzhugh, Holly Springs, NC

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