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Finishing Touches
Frames, Folios, and Albums Add Impact and Revenue

Photobooks and Frames
Photobooks and Frames

Our portrait images are displayed everywhere: in wedding albums, on the mantel, on the wall. As a photographer, I want my portraits to be seen and enjoyed by everyone. As a businessperson, I want the images to be shown at their best and displayed properly. This isn’t always the case.

Our business is similar to that of florists: They don’t just sell flowers—they sell presentation. Their profit comes from the entire presentation they provide. For example, imagine a beautiful collection of flowers in an artistic arrangement with decorative highlights, ribbons, and an elegant card. Now picture the same flowers without the vase, ribbons, and card. The flowers just don’t have the same impact.

Similarly, we want our photographic prints shown in their best light. The key to increased profits is providing clients with complete presentations, ready to display, not just photographic prints. That’s exactly what albums, folios, and frames do.

As digital technologies progress, photographic presentations are evolving. Single-image prints are being replaced with multiple-image montages. As photographers put more time and energy into their originals—and into their final images—they’re looking to minimize the time they spend on their creations.

Many photographers accomplish this by reducing the amount of time they invest in assembling their final presentations. Some photographers give up a portion of their profits by allowing others to create the collage images or assemble their albums. Others look for ways to keep those profits in-house by finding simpler ways to produce their final presentations. This trend seems to be especially true with albums.

We now have several options for providing elegant, easy-to-produce album presentations. One example: TAP’s Superior Mount Album (above), featuring an all-leather cover and library-style binding. Inside, full-view, edge-to-edge prints adhere directly onto each page without mats or overlays. Mounting digital or traditional prints takes minutes and requires no additional supplies. The focus is fully on the images.

Two elegant album options are now available from Flora Professional Albums. The Allure, a library-bound leather album that comes in a hard-sided display and storage case, features a plush protective lining and hidden magnetic closure. Flora’s newest album is the Bella (above, right), a beautiful, handcrafted library-bound album. Both of these albums feature easy-loading slip-in pages for simple assembly and a fully finished look and feel.

We work hard to satisfy our clients with creative images that capture memories. When we combine that portraiture with the right presentation, it reflects our brands at their best. Our goal is to turn pictures into profits and customers into satisfied clients. Great packaging offers you the chance to make a good first impression—as well as a lasting one.

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