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by Elizabeth Friszell

Product News...

Canon U.S.A., Inc. ( has announced plans to market a new camcorder: the Canon ES8600 Hi-8.

The camcorder features a Canon 22x optical zoom lens with an 800x digital zoom, image stabiliazation, a 2.5-inch color LCD viewscreen, and a photo mode for capturing still photos. It also has several programmed auto exposure modes for the best automatic results in specific lighting situations such as nightime or backlighting or particular subject matter, including fast-action or portraits.

Lexar Media, Inc. ( has announced plans to manufacture and distribute Memory Stick PRO. The new media format offers high capacities and advanced performance, and is designed for use in Memory Stick PRO-compatible host devices. Lexar Media plans to begin shipments of Memory Stick PRO this spring, in time for the future launch of Memory Stick PRO compatible products.

Lexar Media Memory Stick PRO media will be available in capacities of 256MB, 512MB. and 1GB.

Phase One ( has released the Capture One DSLR software package for Canon DSLR cameras. Within the first eight hours of release, more than 1,000 trial testers downloaded the software's 30-day free trial offer from their website.

Phase One has launched an E-shop for online purchase of Capture One DSLR software at a unit price of $599. The E-Shop is primarily intended for those who do not have access to buy the software from their local Phase One partner.

Express Digital ( announced that it has teamed with Digital Window Design ( to offer a collection of ready-to-use sports, prom, and wedding photo edge borders to its software customers. All collections are ready-to-use border designs specifically formatted for Express Digital Software packages such as ExpressPhoto Sports & Event, Portrait & Wedding, School & Group, Package & Print, and Labtricity. Each design collection can be purchased starting at $150 by visiting DWD's website or calling 720.851.8906.

(, a new software system developed by The Digital Edge, is now available to professional photographers and digital photography studios. The software system provides a complete software and server solution for the management of a digital photography studio, connecting digital images with the business side of the digital studio. The complete system includes the software pre-installed on a 160GB Dell server, a 250GB Maxtor portable hard drive for backup and one year of phone/email tech support.

Argraph Corporation's ( introduced the QPcard, which provides the easiest, most cost-effective way to color balance digital images. The small, pocket-sized card offers a completely neutral grey surface that reflects 18% light, as well as black and white squares for contrast adjustment. In addition, the card can be used as a dimensional surface.

( has released a new CD with fully functional demonstration software along with complete manuals. A tutorial, complete with sample images, data files, and templates, quickly teaches how to use the software in a digital lab. The CD also features 25 short self-running movies demonstrating how school, sport, and event photographers can create memory mates, class composites, group photos, packages, and more.

Corporate News...

Konica Corp. ( and Minolta Co. ( have announced that they will merge later this year. By combining resources, they hope to slash expenses and pool research as they compete for market share in the United States and other key markets. The new company, Konica Minolta Holdings Inc., will have combined sales of 1.1 trillion yen ($9.2 billion) and employ nearly 39,000 workers worldwide. Konica will focus on its film and lens businesses, while Minolta will add its camera and printer technology to the venture. Together, the companies hope to boost sales by 18 percent and more than double their profits to 150 billion yen ($1.25 billion) by March 2006.

Burrell and Eastman Kodak Company have announced that Burrell Colour Inc., the entity that controls Burrell Professional Labs, is in the process of being sold to Kodak (, its major supplier. After 43 years, Don Burrell wants to ensure the continuation of the company once he decides to retires. Kodak, meanwhile, also announced that it intends to sell BCI to a qualified third party as soon as practical, to complete the business's transition to new ownership. Kodak will support BCI's management team during the interim.

OmegaSatter ( has acquired all rights to the photographic manufacturing division of Wein Products Incorporated. OmegaSatter, whose combined companies have supplied the photographic industry for over 60 years, says Wein Products gives the company a strategic technological link with the future of photography, especially digital photography.

Ilford Imaging ( has announced that photographers can now download its calendar to their computers, and print it using a desktop inkjet printer. For 2003, Ilford Imaging celebrates the centennial anniversary of the patent registration for a "Colour Photographic System," subsequently known as the autochromes lumiere, which were the first color images to be produced and were developed 100 years ago by the French inventor Louis Lumiere.

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