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Nikon Launches SLR Website
Pack your camera bags and get ready to take a road trip into cyberspace!
Nikon has launched its 'Roadmap to SLR Photography' website,
Designed as a one-stop resource for information on film and digital SLR photography, the website is particularly useful because single lens reflex cameras are the most popular format of cameras used by photographers. Nikon is the first camera manufacturer to have a website dedicated exclusively to SLR photography.
The website contains a highly refined navigation system that provides quick access to information. Using the visual analogy of three "highway exits," the website leads users to one of three levels of expertise and offers customized equipment information, tips, and ideas for taking great pictures.
Users find their level of photographic expertise by responding to simple statements of purpose or intent, such as "I'm a professional photographer" or "I take pictures of family and friends during holidays and vacations."
Each Nikon SLR camera is showcased on the website, and users can search for special offers on Nikon camera equipment and even locate a camera dealer in their area.
The website features an extensive glossary that describes and clarifies commonly used terms in photography.
The glossary is customized to each of the three sections of the website to easily provide professionals through novices with access to information with appropriate depth and complexity.

Reggie Launches New Website
Wedding photojournalist Denis Reggie has a new website,, geared to aspiring and working wedding photographers. Log on for information about his workshops and videotape course, as well as gear for sale.
PSA Conference Set for September
The 64th Annual International Conference of the Photographic Society of America (PSA) will take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, September 2 to 7, 2002. PSA expects more than 600 shooters to participate. For details, contact: PSA Conference Registrar, Icy Sowards, APSA, P.O. Box 12, Chicago Ridge, IL 60415 or visit the conference website:
Online Offerings is making the copyright process a snap by offering shooters Official Software's online copyright filing, tracking, and management products.
Official's proprietary online and software copyright products simplify and streamline the U.S. Copyright Office filing process.
"Typically, all a photographer has to do is complete the online form and upload the files. We take care of the rest," Official Software CTO Chris Haff says.
At, photographers will be able to instantly access Official Software's useful filing tools to protect their photo collections. They will also benefit from the convenience of the Official Copyright Account, which allows users to track their works and manage registrations.
Registration is essential because thousands of dollars in damages can be lost, per infringement (for each and every illegal use of a work), if a copyright is not filed. Additionally, registration is required before a lawsuit can be filed in a U.S. court.
Visit for more information.

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