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Oldest Photo to Be Analyzed

A picture of the French countryside made by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1826 will be analyzed by scientists for the first time since it was rediscovered in 1952. The metal plate containing the image had been misplaced by its owner since its last exhibition in 1898.
The plate will reside at The Getty Conservation Institute in Los Angeles while it is being scrutinized, in a joint conservation project involving Getty, the Image Permanence Institute at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and France's Centre de Recherches sur la Conservation des Document Graphiques. The scientists hope to understand all the chemical processes used since 1826, in order to preserve the art form.
Another Niepce work, more like a "photomechanical reproduction" according to Jim Reilly, head of the RIT Institute, was recently auctioned by Sotheby's for $443,000. This piece is equivalent to an etching made by acid on paper, not the metal plate itself.

McCurry's Afghan Girl Found

The young, terrified girl Steve McCurry photographed in a Pakistani refugee camp in 1984 was found in January when he and a search team from National Geographic Television & Film's "Explorer" returned to

Continuing Education

The Maine Photographic Workshops, Rockport, Maine, has published its 2002 Photography & Digital Workshop catalog. Participants can choose from master-level courses in fine art, personal development, photojournalism, documentary, non-silver printmaking, nature and environment, advertising, fashion, corporate, and studio and location photography. Rockport College, founded in 1996, offers Associate of Arts and Master of Fine Arts degree, plus a one-year Professional Certificate program.
For more information, call (877) 577-7700 or visit

eBay Opens Online Photography Marketplace created a separate category for photography, consisting of digital cameras and memory, film cameras, accessories and equipment, photo albums, vintage cameras and accessories, and stock photography and footage. In 2001, eBay's photography sales reached $190 million dollars, with professional photographers accounting for 35% of buyers.
"eBay is a leading online marketplace that embraces new and used products, large and small sellers, and of course, professional and consumer buyers," said Lori Yuhas, senior manager of eBay's photography category. "For retailers and manufacturers selling on our site, eBay is a complementary channel that helps sellers liquidate refurbished, end-of-life, and return products."
Each month, 280,000 photography items are listed on eBay by photographers, dealers, small businesses, liquidators, retailers, and manufacturers. The site's most popular photography item: the digital camera; more than 55 are sold every hour.
For more information, visit eBay.
Olympus Sponsors Africa Project

On February 28, 2002, 100 photojournalists, representing 21 countries, fanned out across 53 nations to capture the entire African continent on a single day.
The strongest images—some 250 out of a possible 50,000—will be included in a book, website, and traveling exhibition, all entitled A Day in the Life of Africa. All publishing profits from the book will be used to fund AIDS education programs in Africa.
The photography team, including more than a dozen Pulitzer Prize and World Press Photo winners, members of the Magnum and Group VII photo agencies, and Africans and African-Americans who provided vital cultural perspective, assembled in Paris before being dispatched to their assignments.
The team was outfitted with Olympus E-20N and C-4040 digital cameras and P-400 printers. Olympus also provided training to shooters unfamiliar with digital equipment.

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