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By Elizabeth Friszell

Corporate News...

Industry Leaders Win Awards

Three industry leaders have been selected by Popular Science magazine to win four "Best of What's New" Awards in the Photo Category of the magazine's 15th Annual Best of What's New issue:

Applied Science Fiction ( won an award for its Digital PIC kiosk featuring the revolutionary Digital Dry Film Processing Technology.

Foveon ( took home the Grand Award for its innovative new Foveon X3 Image Sensor. The new Foveon X3 image sensor technology is a fundamental breakthrough in digital imaging that may have a significant impact on photography.

Minolta ( won two awards, one for the DiMAGE Xi 3.2-megapixel digital camera and the other for their revolutionary Area-AF autofocus technology.

Fujifilm's New Ad Campaign Goes Green

Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. ( has launched a multimedia advertising campaign to show how easy it is to take pictures and make prints of life's everyday events using Fujifilm's conventional film and digital photography products.To dramatize this point, Fujifilm introduced a fictional family known as "The Greens," a name play on the color with which it is so strongly identified.

Hasselblad Foundation Picks 2002 Award Winner

Canadian photographer Jeff Wall is the winner of the 2002 Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography. A new exhibition of his work, organized by the Hasselblad Center, opened in conjunction with the November 9 award ceremony in Goteborg, Sweden. In awarding Wall this honor, a committee composed of nationally and internationally prominent experts in photography determined that he has "developed an outstanding body of work, using photography in a very innovative way, which has helped establish for the medium a major place in contemporary art." Each year since 1980, when the award was first given by the Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation (, the winner has been announced on March 8, Victor's birthday.

Foveon Expands Distribution

Foveon ( announced that Alternative Vision Corp. (www.alt has been selected to represent Foveon and its X3 image sensor technology as the company's first certified Value Added Reseller. Alternative Vision Corp. was selected for its knowledge and experience in the field of imaging and the ability to sell and support products in a wide range of markets and applications.

Hot Products...

Nikon ( announced the new version of its photo editing software, Capture 3.5, in addition to upgrading firmware on its D1X, D1H, and D100 digital SLRs. Capture 3.5's new features extend the capabilities of the camera and offer extensive control of images shot in Nikon Electronic Format (NEF).

( introduced the Minox Digital Camera Leica M3, a miniaturized 1.3-megapixel version of the Leica M3 classic camera from the 1950s. All pictures are internally stored and can be downloaded onto a PC using the USB cable packaged with the camera and processed with the provided software.

R.T.S. Inc. (, exclusive distributor for RedWing and Multiblitz products, announced: RedWing Cumulus softboxes, featuring a super thin profile for increased efficiency, stability, and mobility, as well as a removable front diffuser, interior reflecting surface, quick-release corner system, and a choice of two graduated inner baffles for contrast changes. RedWing Light Booms, both compact and standard models, featuring a unique parallelogram design that makes it easy to raise or lower the light source without changing the angle of light on the subject.

Multiblitz Radio Slave, a compact 16-channel radio trigger designed to work with commercial flash units. This small, lightweight unit has a range of up to 328 feet outdoors and 98 feet indoors. Multiblitz Digi-X Halogen Professional Lighting, featuring a 2 x 250W halogen light with a service life of 2000 hours and a small, efficient fan-cooling system, is ideal for products shots and website design.

Integrated Color Corp. ( has created ColorEyes and ColorEyes 20/20, Photoshop plug-in filters that build highly effective camera profiles from Gretag Macbeth's ColorChecker. ColorEyes 20/20, an advanced camera profiling package, includes a custom target with over 900 patches on a glossy material for superior rendering of deep, saturated colors.

Prop, display and event product developer American Rotational Molding ( has added ivory, sandstone, and blackstone to its line of columns, pedestals, urns, balustrades, baskets, and accessories. The new colors are rotationally molded to each product with scratch, dent, and water-resistant polyethylene to virtually eliminate discoloration.

Kodak Professional ( has introduced version 3.0 of its DCS photo desk image management software, which speeds up workflow, sharpens images, and improves image management. The software will be included with Kodak Professional DCS digital cameras, including the DCS Pro 14n, and can be downloaded from the KPro website for use with earlier DCS cameras.

Photo Desk v3.0 enables photographers to manipulate KPro's raw digital camera image files, as well as jpeg and tiff files.

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