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International Photographic Council
Honors Professional Photographers

The International Photographic Council (IPC) honored four professional photographers and one industry leader at its third annual Awards Luncheon at the United Nations in May.
Along with recognizing the work of individual photographers, the IPC showed support for professional photographers around the world and called attention to the fact that May is "International Professional Photographers Month."
"Even in an age enamored with moving images, these artists continue—almost magically—to capture a single moment, then use it to stimulate a mood or feeling within us," said luncheon keynote speaker David Swift, president of the Kodak Professional Division and senior vice president of the Eastman Kodak Company.
"Their work transcends captions and languages. It transcends cultures and geography; it transcends even time. A great photograph speaks right to the heart of the viewer and leaves a memory that's often never forgotten."

Mark Roberts of Art Leather/Gross National Product

Jimmy Chung, chairman of the IPC, and Kathy Schneider, cochair of the event, began the ceremony by presenting Mark Roberts, president and CEO of Art Leather/Gross National Product, with the IPC Leadership Award medal for his lifelong dedication to professional photography.
"It's such a thrill for me to be part of this photography industry, to watch complex new technologies made simple for the masses to enjoy, to see the creative process evolve as demonstrated by our award winners today," Roberts told the packed crowd of photographers and industry leaders at the U.N.
Medals were also awarded to Helen Yancy, owner and operator of Helen Yancy Art & Photography in Michigan, who received the Portraiture award from the Professional Photographers of America; Michael Ayers, wedding photographer from Ohio, who received the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Award; Michael Williamson, a staff photographer for the Washington Post, who was awarded the White House Press

Shown at the May Awards Luncheon are (top row, l.-r.) David Swift, Kathy Schneider, James Chung, Joe Diliberto, and (bottom row, l.-r.) Michael Williamson, Scott Strazzante, Helen Yancy, Michael Ayers, and Mark Roberts. Kathy Schneider, David Swift, and James Chung

Photographer of the Year Award for Photojournalism; and Scott Strazzante, who shoots for the Herald News in Illinois, who received the National News Photographer of the Year award.
Swift, who previously worked in China as the chairman of Kodak's Greater Asia region, summed it up by saying: "No one, of course, 'speaks' the language of photography better than professionals. Although their equipment and techniques have changed over the years, and now are converging between film and digital, they have the passion, the time, the knowledge and the inspiration to dedicate themselves to photography."

Along with cochairs Schneider and Joe Diliberto of Kodak, the IPC Luncheon Committee included Anna Marie Bakker of Nikon and Peter Lebovitz of Agfa. The event was sponsored by Studio Photography & Design, Agfa, Eastman Kodak, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Grey Advertising, Hasselblad USA, Leica Camera, Mamiya America, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus America, Phoenix, Professional Photographers of America, Phase One, Tamron/Bronica, and Wedding & Portrait Photographers International.
The IPC is a non-governmental organization of the United Nations. For more information on joining the IPC, contact: IPC, 2272 E. 14th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11229 or fax (914) 789-8370; or email:

Museum Acquires "Babe" Photo
Babe Ruth Bows Out,
June 13, 1948, by Nat Fein
The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston has acquired Babe Ruth Bows Out, an important, rare photograph of the baseball great and the first Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph to enter the Museum's collection. The photo is on view until August 26, 2001 in Sports: Leisure-Time and Professional, a photography exhibition at the Shell and American Landscape Museum in Houston. This is the fifth in a series of special exhibitions loaned to the Shell Museum by the MFAH. Nat Fein took the photograph during Ruth's last appearance at Yankee Stadium on June 13, 1948 and it was published in The New York Times the next day. Fein's image won the Pulitzer in 1949. It was the eighth photo to win the prize, which was initiated for photography in 1942. The Museum purchased the photograph with funds provided by Geary Broadnax.
For more information, call Holly Hutchins at 713-241-4511.
NASA Launching Kodak Digital Camera
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