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Scott Ellis

Scott Ellis

Scott Ellis

Scott Ellis

Although office work is a huge part of doing business, the more complicated things are around the office, the less I can concentrate on my photography. It’s a problem for many photographers and other artists.

What’s the solution? A simple, uncomplicated workflow that gives us time to do what we love to do, while maintaining a professional image—without sacrificing quality or customer service. This is where comes in.

I had become extremely frustrated with the larger online services I had been using. Efotolab, from the first time I used it, was the easiest, most straightforward online company of all. The interface is extremely easy to understand and setting up my account was a breeze.

Customer support via email even helped me determine the best look for my home page. I was up and running, or should I say uploading, in two hours, with my first event.

Efotolab’s system works by uploading low-resolution files, with a simple conversion. This takes about an hour or so, start to finish, with 500 to 700 files. My events are online 80 percent faster than before, creating quite a buzz with guests and clients. My sales have increased by 50 percent because of the speed and ease of use of efotolab’s system.

While the service is very easy to understand and navigate, the interface lacks nothing in professionalism. Plus, it looks great and the menus are easy to find and actually work like they’re supposed to.

I also like the Help section. From time to time, I have had questions, but sure enough, not long after I send an email to customer service I find the answer myself in the Help section or from the forums, where you can post suggestions, help, or neat ideas.

Photographers who have different price lists for different clients will love the fact you can have any number of price lists that you can assign to each event as desired. I’ve created price lists for weddings, portraits, commercial, fine art, and even a family price list, which allows me to share our personal photos with family and friends who don’t live nearby.

Another reason my profits and sales are up is because of the incredible price structure efotolab has put together. For basic enlargement prices to one of the newer print packages, the prices allow me to get a higher profit margin and lower my per-print cost for my clients.

I was skeptical at first about quality issues, but the prints coming out of efotolab blow away any lab I have tried—online or off. The color is dead-on, the contrast is perfect, and the black-and-white prints actually look black and white—not magenta or cyan!

As for fees,’s fees are very competitive, if not lower than those of competitors that offer similar services. Once you break it down and see how little work you have to do and how little, on average, you have to sell to cover your costs, the service pays for itself. In fact, I incorporate the nominal fees into my estimates and package prices to cover the expense.

My sales are up, my time is much better managed, and I do less work than I ever have. The idea of shoot, upload, and have efotolab take over from there is the best thing my studio has come across in years.