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Do You or Your Staff Participate in Training?

This month's Peer2Peer focuses on training and education for photographers and their staffs. In an industry where technological trends are constantly changing and redefining the market, staying current is essential. Training enhances everyone's value in an organization—large or small, motivates staff, provides opportunities for industry networking, and often results in new ideas and solutions. For these and other reasons, this month's survey—which was sent out April 20 and ran through April 25—asked readers who opt to receive our monthly questionnaires what training they and their staffs participate in to maintain their competitive edge. Based on 1,100+ photographers' responses, here's some of what we found out.


  • More than half of our readers and their staffs (64.91%) participate in training for their business.
  • Stand-alone seminars are the major source of training and education for professionals (38.97%).
  • Almost half (44.35%) of the professionals surveyed said the primary reason they participate in training is to stay current with technology.
  • The top three topics respondents train in are Photoshop (23.78%), Lighting (15.49%), and their specific photo specialties (14.75%).

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Quotable Quotes

"Trade shows and conferences are great ways to see new technology, meet our creative peers, talk with friends and associates, and be inspired to create more visuals."
Rick Souders, Souders Studios, Denver, CO

"The time we take for learning is worth more than any assignment. With technology flying so fast, we can't afford to be left behind."
Ana Adams, Ana Adams Photography, Miami, FL

"I try to read all photo magazines I get and have a good knowledge of what questions I want to ask and of whom when I go to a show. Once there, I locate the one who is least occupied with other attendees, progress to the others, then roam systematically to see what's new."
Laurel H. Kenney, Kenney Photography and Frame Shop McPherson, KS

"I always book time at trade shows to sharpen my skills, usually lighting and portrait sets."
Elbert Kennard, Coastal Photography, Greenville, NC

"I go to the early-bird classes and the late ones and network with other photographers while I'm there."
Jeff Preston, Classic Edge Photography, Marysville, OH