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Do You Have A Digital Assistant?

This month's Peer2Peer looks at digital assistants, and the roles they fulfill in your operation. The survey was sent out to Studio Photography subscribers who choose to receive our monthly Peer2Peer survey on Monday, March 19, and responses were analyzed on Thursday, March 22, 2007. With over 1,000 responses, here are our findings…


  • Approximately 25.16 percent of those surveyed have a digital assistant or digital technician in their studio.
  • Of those photographers who use a digital assistant, 61.68 percent answered that their digital assistants are hired as part-time workers.
  • More than half (75.30 percent) of the photographers who use digital assistants consider their role as very important in the day-to-day operation of the studio.
  • Other means of finding a digital assistant, outside of Web postings, referrals, industry networking, and newspapers, included contacting local colleges and family members.

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Quotable Quotes

"It is a great time-saver and a comfort to know there is someone capable of trouble-shooting quickly when needed. He stays current by reading everything possible."
Fred Ward, Gem Book Publishers, Malibu, CA

"She processes and archives all headshots and location shots we take. She also retouches the photos, then mails and archives them. She stays up-to-date on new ways to approach the work by reading and attending seminars."
Steven Tiggemann, Jeff Frey & Associates, Duluth, MN

"We went 100 percent digital over six years ago, and started using an IT person about four years ago. I do believe our IT person is a must if we want to stay up-to-date."
Wayne Sandlin, Photography by Design, Houston, TX

"Our digital assistant is an outside resource we use only when we need her to do only our work. It is hard to convey our style to her, or our specific needs."
Brandon Mulnix, Lowell, MI

"Second shooters give me another pair of eyes to capture the events of the day. I will never shoot alone again!"
Alison Carlino, Carlino's Photography, Richmond, TX

"My digital assistant does several duties here, including layout of digital albums and other studio jobs."
Edwin Huddle, Edwin Huddle Photography, Lancaster, PA

"I have three digital assistants doing graphics production, cutting paths, and website production."
John Aydelotte, Office Star Products, Ontario, CA

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