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Digital Innovations Abound


Digital Innovations Abound

Sony 5-Megapixel Cyber-shot DSC-F707
Makes Low-Light and No-Light Shooting a Snap


Hologram AF is ideal for shooting subjects with little contrast in dark conditions, like a smooth beach on a moonless night. How does it work? By projecting a visible Class 1 laser hologram pattern directly onto the subject so the camera can detect the contrast between the edge of the laser pattern and the subject itself.
The combination of two special features, NightFraming and NightShot®, makes shooting in low-light and no-light conditions easy. With the flip of a switch, infrared NightShot is activated, capturing an infrared photo with no visible light at all.
Using NightShot, a photographer can take pictures of nocturnal wildlife that's impossible with all other digital cameras. Night-Framing integrates Hologram AF, TTL pre-flash metering, and NightShot, enabling the photographer to properly frame the subject in dim light, attain accurate focus, and achieve correct flash exposure consistently.
To achieve accurate exposure in uneven lighting—like a scene with the sun in one corner and a shaded hammock in the other—a new multi-pattern metering option is included for the first time in a Sony digital still camera. By dividing the scene into a matrix of separate cells, each of which can be metered independently, the meter accurately calculates exposure when highlights and shadows exist outside the center of the frame.
The DSC-F707 features Sony's new pre-flash metering system. Unlike other systems, pre-flash metering measures the light from the flash as it passes through the lens to calculate correct exposure. At exposure, the flash fires twice—once to illuminate the subject and calculate correct exposure, then a second time to record the image with the optimum exposure.
This new Cyber-shot model, priced at about $1,000, comes with numerous options for manual and automatic control. The camera comes with a built-in 5.24 MP CCD (5.02 MP effective), yielding a maximum image size of 2560x1920; a pivoting Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar 5X optical zoom lens with F/2 aperture, for exceptional light-gathering ability; and an advanced automatic flash system. It also lets you compose with either the 1.8" LCD screen or a new eye-level electronic viewfinder.
The DSC-F707 reduces noise in the color signal via Clear Color NR. Another noise reduction feature, Slow Shutter NR, overcomes the problem of CCD noise in lengthy exposures. The camera first captures the image, then closes the iris while it captures a black frame—the noise pattern of the CCD. The camera then subtracts the noise pattern from the image and leaves it noise-free.
Capture modes include JPEG, TIFF, voice memo, email, text, MPEG-HQ and MPEG-EX video modes, and Clip Motion animated GIF modes. In-camera editing functions are available, as well. The camera ships with a 16MB Memory Stick® media card, an InfoLithium M battery, an AC adapter/in-camera charger, and A/V output cable, a USB cable, a shoulder strap and a lens cap.
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