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Bind-It-Photo's One Minute Profit Center

For Coffee-Table Books That Are Lucrative, Easy to Make

Are you looking for an additional source of revenue at your photo studio? Who isn't these days?

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© Tobias Morgan

© Rich Grosko

Bind-It-Photo's One Minute Profit Center doesn't replace traditional photographic albums. Rather, the system allows photographers to create coffee-table books by binding together inkjet prints, photographs, and specialty sheets for clients. Sheets of standard paper can be used to create presentation and price lists with inexpensive soft covers using the same system.

Once purchased, the system's only additional cost are the book covers, which cost between $7 and $10 apiece.

SP&D recently spoke with three photographers experiencing robust profits with the Bind-It-Photo system. Here are their stories…

One Book Pays For The System

Rich Grosko, Kansas City, Kansas-based wedding, portrait, and commercial photographer, has always stayed abreast of the album market. So when he saw an ad for Bind-It-Photo, he wasted no time calling the company and asking for a sample book.

"I never saw anything like it. It cost a lot less than competitors, but you can keep the same list price."

Grosko adds that the system is slightly larger than one-foot long, sits comfortably on a countertop and has a self-shut-off safety feature after one minute of inactivity. He was impressed with how easy it was to use right out of the box.

"Set the pictures inside and drop them in the crimper. Just make sure the pages are aligned. If they're crooked, heat up the system and adjust them."

Grosko says one job he had for a Japanese company made him grateful he had purchased the Bind-It-Photo system.

"When they saw the book, they liked it so much they asked me to make up a number of books with two 5x7s on each page, for a total of 60 photos in each book. This one job more than paid for my entire investment in this system."

Idiot-Proof & Profitable

Tobias Morgan (, Verona, New Jersey, children's and wedding photographer, learned about Bind-It-Photo at a trade show a year ago. He visited a booth where a vendor was asking $1,200 for a similar setup. Then just before leaving the show, he met Bind-It-Photo sales manager Ron Rorie.

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