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Backgrounds and Props


SP&D's Guide to Props and Backgrounds TEXT BY MARISA E. CAMPBELL • IMAGES AS SHOWN

Today's photographer has an enormous range of photographic products and services with which to create classic and contemporary portraits to please the most demanding clients. Here's a look at the dazzling array currently available in the marketplace.

Off the Wall Cole & Co. Backdrop Outlet FotoWhite Studio Dynamics Superior Specialties Knowledge Backgrounds Wicker By Design


Artistic Backgrounds offers a variety of hand-painted backgrounds, including soft, impressionistic muslins, florals, and Old Master styles. Choose from their wide selection or custom order to your specifications.

Backdrop Outlet has been selling hand-painted backdrops, props, and classic clothing for over 12 years. Create a theme with rustic or fantasy props, and complete the ensemble with their many clothing styles.

David and Julie of Backgrounds by Maheu combine their talents as photographer and artist to create fine art designs, classics, scenics, and more. Custom-order a background of any size, and choose intense color saturation or muted tones for your backdrops.

Looking for a wide variety of muslins and canvases, as well as theater fabrics, dyes, and paints? Chicago Canvas & Supply is the place to go. They even offer track hardware for movable curtains.

For dreamy scenics, Old Masters, scatter, and tie-dye backdrops, Cole & Company has it all. They offer hand-painted muslin and canvas backgrounds.

Looking for something different? Custom Scenic Studios will have its artists and designers create exactly what you needfrom foam sculptures to wind-resistant banners.

Creative Backdrops offers hand-painted, two-sided muslins.

Denny Manufacturing has something for everyone, from Old Masters to Super Scenic backgrounds, new patriotic concepts to festive holiday backdrops. Denny also offers props, studio accessories, and more.

Tired of seamless paper tearing, wrinkling, getting dirty? FeatherWhite, the perfect alternative for seamless background paper, is light-weight, flexible, easy to work with, resistant to shoe scuff marks, permanent creasing, wrinkling, and curling. FeatherWhite is also 2 1/2 times lighter than paper, and can be sponge-cleaned with most cleaners.

F.J. Westcott offers a wide range of innovative products, including muslin backgrounds and lighting control systems. They are the exclusive worldwide manufacturer and distributor of Scrim Jim, and have added a new selection of patterns to the product line.

For seven years, Rhonda has created unique backgrounds for Images of Praise. Canvas and muslin backdropsfrom the Expressive, Intimate, Reflective, or Background Slim collectiontransform a studio into a color-filled world.

Knowledge Backgrounds merges color and form in hand-painted scenic, classic, abstract, and Master backdrops. Choose from its wide selection or custom-order to your needs.

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