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Are Videography Services Part of Your Product Mix?

This month's Peer2Peer question focuses on photographers who have incorporated videography services into their product mix. Among the issues addressed are how long they have offered the service, who shoots the videos, clientele requesting video services, features most important in selecting a video camera, and how profitable the venutre has been. The survey was sent out on February 23, and ran through February 27. With over 1,300 responses, here's what we found out….


  • When asked whether or not they offer videography services to their clients, 17.24% of those photographers who responded to the survey said that they have incorporated videography into their business.
  • Of the 17.24% of respondents who do include videography services, 51.52% have been offering such services for five years or more.
  • Among those respondents who do include videography in their product mix, the service is divided between commercial (26.02%), portrait/wedding/event (34.18%), or both (39.80%) types of clientele.
  • For respondents who do include videography services, a substantial 82.05% told us it has been a profitable addition to their business.
  • Photographers who purchased a videocamera for their businesses told us they considered the following qualities the most important to their videocamera purchase: ease of use (14.12%), value (17.06%), and range of features (32.35%).

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What studio photography Readers Told us…

  • Photographers who are offering videography usually include it in a package deal at a slightly discounted price.
  • Photographers agreed that adding videography to their businesses helped to keep customers coming back to their establishments, which increased the number of repeat clients, and made their operation more of a one-stop shop.
  • Those who do not offer vidoegraphy generally refer their clients looking for such services to other photographers they know are offering it—generally somebody they know and respect.
  • Photographers who offer videography services told us their clients feel it makes their businesses more memorable because they offer a variety of services.

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