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Archival Boxes Present & Preserve Prints
Moab’s Chinle Archival Boxes Are My Insurance Policy

Phtotos on Display
Andy Biggs

Phtotos on Display
Andy Biggs

Phtotos on Display
Andy Biggs

I’m an avid adventurer, teacher, and outdoor photographer. Every year, I spend a few months in Tanzania, teaching workshops and savoring the wildlife, landscapes, and people of Tanzania. My most recent project, “The Colors of Africa,” a compilation of 25 limited edition portfolios taken in the past three years, blends animal behavior, moving landscapes, and spirited people.

With such pieces, I can’t just pick up and go back to Africa the next day to reshoot if the prints become damaged. So I needed to find a storage system that would protect my photographs from premature breakdowns, aging, and damage.

Fortunately, I discovered Chinle archival boxes from Moab Paper company, about six months ago. While I started out using these boxes primarily for storage, I’ve found they make wonderful viewing showcases for my fine art prints.

Recently, I used these clamshell boxes to display my favorite photographs from Africa to prospective safari customers. By presenting the prints to them in the boxes, they were able to sort through my images on one side of the open box then scoot them to the opposite side after viewing each image. The safari prospects enjoyed viewing the images from the boxes because it made the process fast, easy, and organized. For me, the ability to keep all my images off a dirty table or desk is a huge benefit.

Clients are always telling me how pleased they are with a presentation of prints in these boxes. It’s neat and concise, allowing for the photographs to have a fuller impact upon viewing.

Out-of-the-Box Specifics

I have a dozen boxes—measuring 8.5”x11”, 11”x17,” and 13”x19”—stacked on display shelves, so I can store, view, and preserve my fine art photography prints easily and efficiently. Typically, I hang my test prints on the wall. When I am comfortable with a print, I will make a final print or prints and put them in the archival boxes for safekeeping.

The boxes are perfect for presentation or long-term storage of photographs because the top and bottom remain flat when the box is opened, for easy access to its contents. The exterior is constructed of heavyweight archival binder board and covered in a black buckrum. The interior is lined with 80lb. acid- and lignin-free white paper and includes a neutral pH-balanced adhesive. Acid-free and lignin-free materials are used because they help extend the life of whatever you’re storing inside. Chinle archival boxes are ideal for matted and unmatted prints, and range from $15 to $63.

I store hundreds of finished prints in these boxes. To me, they’re an invaluable insurance policy. They’re the only showcase I will need for presenting and preserving my fine art photography prints now and for a very, very long time.

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