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Albums Can Be Powerful Image-Sharing Tools
Create Books Your Clients Will Fall in Love With

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Dave & Quin Cheung

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Dave & Quin Cheung

As wedding photographers, we share our images in many ways: online galleries, proofs, slideshows, wall art, books, and albums. We think albums can be among the most powerful vehicles of all for clients to relive their wedding day.

Wikipedia defines art as "that which is made with the intention of stimulating the human senses as well as the human mind or spirit." When created with the right blend of artistry, emotion, and storytelling, a wedding album can be a work of art.

There is something about touching and feeling a book that's bound in exotic materials, smelling it as it opens, and turning the pages to unfold the next part of the story that's hard to put into words. It's an entirely different experience from viewing images on a computer screen, on a plasma display, or even by handling individual prints.

Creating albums that reflect your clients' stories and personalities and giving them a priceless record of their day is what it's all about. On the wedding day, we strive to capture honest and emotive images that reveal the story of the day, and also distinctive, complex personalities, cultures, and relationships that define our couples. We kick it up a notch by also creating high-impact, fashion-forward, and epic images of the couple alone. Having this variety of story, emotion, and beauty sets the stage for creating a stunning album or albums that our clients can fall in love with.

When choosing your album supplier, be sure to review their products and services to ensure they best represent your image and style. Your enthusiasm and excitement are contagious, and when clients sense an honest desire to help them document their day, they will share your enthusiasm and make the investment.

Albums of Choice

Our album supplier, Renaissance Albums (, offers us the range and flexibility of products that we need for our clients, ranging from slip-in matted albums to fully designed flush mounts. To minimize your workload, you can take advantage of their design services. If you prefer, you can create your own layouts using their album design software, SoHo Styler, or create your own designs—online or offline—and let them print or have your lab print the pages, which they will mount and bind.

As our imagery has strengthened over the years, our layouts have become simpler, to allow the images themselves to speak and breathe. Moving away from drop shadows and busy design elements, we prefer to focus on flow, rhythm, and contrast. This directs the viewer's eye while enabling them to easily soak up the story and enjoy the visual experience.

With high-impact images, we love how Renaissance prints our albums using Kodak's Endura Metallic paper. The story is enhanced by brilliant and vibrant colors, where whites turn pearly and blacks become metallic. The images literally jump off the page with the paper's iridescent quality. Since bringing in our first sample album printed on this metallic paper, all of our clients have upgraded to this amazing finish for their personal albums.

Thinking about what we would have wanted to take away from our own wedding has helped us find innovative and unique albums for our clients. Our albums allow us to be creative in our presentation, letting us customize to suit our clients' budgets and needs. They truly reflect the beauty and style of our imagery.

Give your clients a wedding album that tells their story like no other and you'll give them all the reason and confidence they need to invest in your work.

Dave and Quin Cheung (, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, are the visual artists behind DQ Studios and creators of the DQ QuiKeys Workflow Empowerment System ( Since starting their business less than five years ago, they have become an international award-winning husband-and-wife photography team.