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Why did you attend PMA?

With the frenzy of tradeshow season fully in motion, what brought you to Las Vegas for the PMA convention and tradeshow? Was it to view new equipment for your lab or salesfloor? To find hot new cameras and accessories to sell to your customers? To learn new techniques by attending the classes and sessions given by DIMA, or the other sections of PMA? Or to network with fellow retailers and lab owners you haven't seen since the last tradeshow? We asked a number of PMA attendees while at the show; their responses are below. Read on to see some of the new opportunities intriguing your fellow business owners...

a. I'm at PMA to research some dry lab options. We're happy with our Fuji Frontiers, but what do we do when they die? We're going to look at an instant-print option for our kiosks, but it needs to be one that is less costly per print than most of the dye-sub units that are out there.
Anthony Miresse
Art's Cameras Plus
Greenfield, WI

a. What I'm looking for is more efficient kiosk software that customers can use at home to send us orders, so we can better compete with the Shutterflys and Snapfishes of the world. I'd also like to see kiosk video support.
Michelle Bogosian-Heckmann
The Camera Shop
Bryn Mawr, PA

a.I'm a photo lab owner and am opening a second store this year. I'm looking for new equipment, expertise, and anything else that will help.
Dan Gaffney
Baltimore, MD

a. I thought the Rimage booth was exciting. You can do DVDs, music, and photos in one multisolution kiosk. I can see its potential for an added revenue stream. It has a nice user interface, too. I'm impressed with its practical applications from an end-user's perspective.
Kevin Gorman
Passalong Networks
Franklin, TN

a. There are cool displays on how to package photos for those who aren't into scrapbooking-items like pocket albums and postcards where you can insert a photo and then seal it shut were really nice. I was also excited to see great rolling totes for scrapbooking supplies, as well as the All My Memories display, with purses that you can slip photos into.
Katie Harris
Rexburg, ID

a.In this jampacked PMA & DIMA, I'm looking more for solutions than hardware. With conventional D&P dying, we need to find replacement services. We need a better way to scan slides to DVD, quickly and cheaply. We need better photobook, card, and specialty product hardware, software, and workflow.
Chris Lydle
Chris' Camera Center & Digital Photo
Aiken, SC

a.My longtime friend and partner, and I are exploring opportunities for photobooking and online scrapbooking. I really like the whole idea of an image scrapbooking business and thought this would be the place to do the preliminary research to see if our idea flies.
Kerry Wellstein
Creative Photo Book Applications
Chicago, IL

a. To check out the latest software packages to make photo collages. Also, we're looking into garment printers to put images on T-shirts.
Ron Gratreaks
Photo FX
Las Vegas, NV

a. As a retail manager of a minilab and camera store, I came to check out equipment because we're becoming more involved with sports photography. I'm particularly interested in sports team action and new ideas and techniques for shooting sports.
Steve Johnson
Sharp Photo and Portrait
Eau Claire, WI

a.I always come. Without PMA I wouldn't stay in business. This year I'm looking at equipment for bookmaking and dry printing.
David Lee
J&D Photo
Greenville, SC