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Strengthen Your Name with Branded Discs

Your brand is established to enhance your client's perceptions and expectations of your business and the quality of your work. Professionally branded discs help strengthen your brand and solidify the confidence your client has in you and your business. There is no comparison to the impression made with a colorful, professionally printed disc displaying your logo and contact details, to a plain disc off the shelf.

Your client will always have your contact information right at their fingertips, and they will never forget who created the images or video for them. This assures you more residual income from repeat business and referrals.

Options for Disc Printing

There are tremendous advantages to silkscreen printing directly to the disc. Silkscreen ink protects the disc by adding additional layers of coating, and it displays a much more professional image than inkjet printing or paper labels.

Another professional option is thermal printed discs. In this case the image is transferred to a ribbon, then re-transferred to the disc. Rimage seems to be the most common manufacturer of this type of equipment but the required investment can be significant. This type of equipment can handle duplication as well.

Inkjet printers are readily available to print directly to the disc; however the per disc cost is higher than silkscreen or thermal print. Automatic units are available at a higher price than manual units but afford higher production levels. These units are also available with duplication capabilities. Another major drawback to inkjet printers is they are designed for low quantities levels and won't withstand high production.

Paper labels are generally made with inkjet or toner based printers, which result in a less vibrant image than a silkscreen print. The appearance of a silkscreen printed disc is far superior to paper labels.

Paper labels can be troublesome and expensive. Not only is the per disc print cost much higher than with a silkscreen print, but the cost of labor to apply the labels must also be considered. They are time consuming and difficult to apply accurately. Another important factor is the fact that labels can come loose, get caught in disc drives, or may be too thick to even fit in the drive. The adhesive used on the paper can be unfriendly to the disc and cause other problems.

All in all, silkscreen printing is a better option.

C.j. Wilson has over 25 years of experience in the photography, scrapbooking, crafts and health care industries. She holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Nebraska. Cj has been a television personality, seminar instructor, author and industry expert with iMARK, traveling around the world to provide education. She is currently in Sales and Marketing with ISOOrSe, one of the nation's largest and most well established suppliers of custom printed discs, duplication, replication, disc publishing equipment, related packaging and supplies. For more information visit,