Magazine Article and Kodak Big Kiosk Shootout Winners

DIMA logo walked away as the winner in four of the eight categories of competition in the DIMA kiosk shootout, with Kodak coming in a strong second, capturing three awards.

Lucidiom's Luci grabbed one first place award in a competition of 16 manufacturers who entered 33 kiosks, the largest field ever and a testimony to the increasing importance of the kiosk in the digital world of converting images into prints, albums, calendars, and a host of other output products.

There were four categories of competition, with each category judged independently by two panels: one was a group of three industry-oriented people, while the other was a panel of four customers of a Las Vegas photo specialty store.

Interestingly, the industry panel named the winner in three of the four categories, while the consumers picked Kodak as the winner in three of the four groups.

The categories and the winners of the industry-judged competition were: Digital Order Station: Order Station; Instant Print: Instant Print Station; Software Only: PhotoKiosk; Other Than Photo: Lucidiom Luci.

The categories and winners in the consumer-judged competition were: Digital Order Station: Kodak G4 Order Station; Instant Print: Kodak G4 Digital Station; Software Only: PhotoKiosk; Other Than Photo: Kodak G4, 24-Inch Print Station.

Chad Munce, PMA's group executive, digital imaging markets, said, "The shootout competition gives our membership an opportunity to see the various kiosk concepts on a level playing field so that they are able to judge for themselves the strengths and weaknesses of the products in the field."

All of the kiosks in the competition were on display at PMA, in full operating mode and available to all show attendees who wished to make a limited quantity of prints on their own.

The booth's display included the detailed results of the scoring, as well as submittals from the manufacturers in support of their products. Munce said that a summary report of the competition would be placed on the PMA website by the end of April.

The winners each received a plaque and bragging rights for their victory for a whole year.

The industry judges were: Francie Mendelsohn, Summit Research Associates, Rockville, MD; Robert Porter, Euro Kiosks Network, Madrid, Spain; and Lawrence Dvorchik, KioskCom, Trumbill, CT.

The consumer panel spent 5.5 hours in the judging process and were given gift certificates and a goodie bag.

Munce did not reveal the name of the Las Vegas retailer who sponsored the consumers. —Jerry Lansky