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Spotlight on Dr. James C. Stoffel

The Potential of Infoimaging

Spotlight on Dr. James C. Stoffel
Chief Technical Officer; Director, Research & Development; Senior Vice President;
Eastman Kodak Company

by Alice B. Miller

Industry research firm IDC recently held a conference in New York titled "IDC Imaging Convergence Forum: Exploring the Potential of Infoimaging." During the conference, Photo Trade News/Studio Photography & Design/Digital Imaging/Photographic Processing sat down with Kodak Chief Technical Officer Dr. James C. Stoffel regarding the changing landscape of the imaging industry. The following is a snapshot of our conversation.

For professional photographers, we have developed a lab digitization solution that electronically connects professional photographers and studios with processing labs. The solution includes Kodak ProShots software, robust IT solutions in the labs, data networking connections, and other technologies. This allows photographers and studios to electronically send proofs and orders to labs-and vice versa-eliminating many of the arduous paper-based steps in the traditional system.

The 4.0 megapixel LS443 Zoom Digital Camera is the flagship model in Kodak's 2002 EasyShare portfolio. The camera offers stylish design and professional quality lens. EasyShare is a great example of infoimaging for the consumer market, as mentioned earlier.

Kodak Photoperfect is the European branding for Kodak Perfect Touch in the United States. Our revolutionary digital photo processing service automatically corrects each picture-for example, lightening dark subjects and brightening hazy photos. It is a true example of infoimaging, blending film capture with digital image processing and digital printing to give consumers better pictures every time.