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Scrapbooking & Photography Industries Continue Convergence

It has been confirmed that the Photo Marketing Association International (PMAI), which holds its annual convention and tradeshow each year in Q1, and MemoryTrends Expo, now in its eighth year, will be co-locating their 2008 shows in Las Vegas January 31–February 2, 2008, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

MemoryTrends will hold its previously scheduled 2007 show, as planned, September 18–20, 2007, at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas. The co-location of the two tradeshows will begin in 2008.

Vienna, Virginia–based Lucidiom quickly commended PMA, the PSRO (Professional Scrapbook Retailers Organization), and CK Media's MemoryTrends Expo for co-locating its tradeshows in 2008. Lucidiom is the company that launched the Luci scrapbooking and crafting kiosk. It, along with other photo kiosk companies, has been exhibiting at both photo tradeshows and scrapbooking/crafting tradeshows for the past few years as the photo and scrapbook markets have converged.

"We participate in PMA, PSRO, and MemoryTrends and always are looking for new avenues to have our photo retailers and craft retailers learn from each other," says Kesley Anderson, Lucidiom VP of scrapbook and craft business development. "This co-location shows that PMA is truly embracing the scrapbook world and making a real dedication to its development."

"We see this co-location as a unique opportunity to have photo retailers truly understand the scrapbook market and learn about the profit potential that exists when consumer creativity is mixed with photo technology," adds Anderson.

A spokesman for PMAI offered no comment at this time, and calls to CK Media's executives were not returned.

According to Dennis Conforto's article "The Power of Market Synergy!" published in's weekly newsletter (June 13, 2007), "Both PMA and MemoryTrends shows will be in the same building at the same time with separate entrances and separate halls, but from which any retailer from any industry will have access to. Both exhibit areas will be joined together in the middle, where the PMA SMART Store will be located." The SMART Store debuted at the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) show two years ago.

According to a recent press release from PMA, the Photo Marketing Association purchased the Carlsbad, California–based SMART Group's membership and education for an undisclosed amount. The SMART Group is The Scrapbooking Manufacturer and Retailer Trade Group, an industry group supporting the scrapbooking industry. The scrapbooking industry is currently estimated to bring in more than $2.5 billion yearly. According to The SMART Group, that number could grow to upward of $40 billion.

According to Conforto, CEO and president of A-Z Media Group, the owners of The SMART Group, "Our goal was to provide low-cost educational services to our members and help them not just survive but thrive. We believe this transaction is in the best interest of the members and scrapbook industry as a whole. It was never the intention of The SMART Group to be the educational arm for the industry for the long term. It was to kick-start the process and find a safe home where the guiding principles of the group could grow even faster. With PMA, this will occur.

"We have been impressed with PMA and their commitment to grow and expand everything related to the photo industry, including scrapbooking," he continues. "PMA's worldwide network will help the scrapbook manufacturers grow, their educational programs will help retailers be more profitable, and their natural synergies will greatly help expand the scrapbooking message, not only within the markets we are in today, but into new, emerging marketplaces."

"We believe that the scrapbooking industry will be best served within the PMA organization," says Ted Fox, executive director, PMA. "We have the talent and resources to add value to every business within the scrapbooking community. Our goal is clearly to grow every business that is tied to the photo community. We know that with scrapbooking, it starts with the photo, moves to the story, and ends up as a creative expression of events, times, and/or places that are important to the lives of scrapbooking and photo consumers."

As PTN was going to press, we read an interview that Creative Leisure News had with Bruce Aldrich, Sr. Operations Officer for PMA, dated June 18.

According to the article, Adrich said: "We're aligning, in principle, with the Memory Trends Conference & Expo to generate tremendous growth opportunities for both the scrapbooking marketplace and the worldwide photo imaging community."

"...CK Media has agreed in principle to co-locate MemoryTrends with us starting Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 2008, within the PMA 08 International Convention & Trade Show that includes the Annual PSRO Convention."

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