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Samsung Brings the Digital Age into the Kitchen

It Displays Digital Images and Surfs the NetBut Can it Make Ice Cubes?

Samsung Brings the Digital Age into the Kitchen

by Diane Berkenfeld

Do you use the front door panel of the refrigerator in your kitchen to hang your children's works of art? As a frame for family photographs? Or perhaps as a message board to remind family members of important upcoming events?

Believe it or not, but thanks to the wonders of the digital age, you can do all this and more with Samsung's Homepad Internet Refrigerator, a new appliance that mixes digital imaging with refrigeration and brings it into the kitchen.

Call it a miracle of modern convenience or just the latest all-in-one "whatchamacallit" to hit the market, one thing's for sure—there's never been anything quite like the Homepad Internet Refrigerator before.

For instance, the refrigerator features a unique 15.1-inch LCD screen on the front of the unit that is detachable so family members can gather together in the kitchen to watch television. Even more uniquely, by using external inputs on the fridge, you can hook up a DVD player or VCR and watch your favorite movies. The Homepad Internet Refrigerator is also Internet accessible, so you can check your email, surf the net, download recipes or conduct e-commerce, all while cooking a gourmet meal. The LCD panel can be used up to about 90 feet from the fridge, operating on a Lithium-Ion battery for approximately 90 minutes and recharging when placed back in the door.

How many families out there have magnets holding an array of photos on their fridge, only to fall off when the door is closed too hard? The digital photo album on the Homepad Internet Refrigerator can store and display your favorite images, bringing your family's memories into the digital age. There is even a screen saver feature, allowing the LCD to cycle images like a digital picture frame.

Need to leave an important message? Use the memo feature on the fridge to leave text, voice or even video communiqués. A schedule manager has an alarm setting for important reminders.

"As a convergence leader, Samsung is dedicated to developing life-enhancing products that do more than ever before and the Homepad Internet Refrigerator is an all-in-one dream come true for any home where the kitchen is a center of family activity," explained David Purcell, marketing manager for Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics America, Inc.

The new appliance came about as a result of research Samsung has conducted into consumer lifestyles and trends of product use. Finding that the kitchen is oftentimes the communications center of the home, frequently including phones and televisions; research showed that it is also a place where family members are comfortable reading while eating. Refrigerators tend to be used as message boards, calendars and display areas in addition to their main purpose as a food storage and preservation device.

According to Samsung, the company plans to continue to develop products that allow for the convergence of digital electronics to meet the lifestyle needs of their customers. The Samsung Homepad Internet Refrigerator is slated to hit the market in Q4 of this year.

The advent of this unique product begs the questions—where will digital images pop up next? In Fido's doghouse? On clothing? In the pages of a book or magazine?