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By Diane Berkenfeld

Kodak has introduced a new 400 ISO, color negative, High Definition film which the company claims will provide the clearest pictures of any film in its speed category. The film incorporates advanced color management technology for sharp details and short red spectral sensitivity, which is optimized to deliver accurate skin tones and true-to-life colors.

"The term 'high definition' represents image clarity, sharpness and detail across many product categories," said Glenn Patcha, vice president of Capture, Consumer Imaging, Eastman Kodak Co. "The introduction of Kodak High Definition film will help consumers better understand the differentiating benefits of premium films, providing them with a great choice for clear, detailed pictures."

The new film is the only Kodak film to utilize the diamond icon on its packaging to indicate superior image clarity. Kodak introduced the use of icons on their packaging in May 2001 to offer consumers a simple way to choose which film to use in given situations. For more information, visit

Town & Country Photo Dealers, with over 170 dealers and 200 locations across the country have partnered with LifePics, Inc. to provide their dealers with a comprehensive private branded online imaging solution. T&C dealers will be able to offer fast local digital print fulfillment from the Internet, image viewing and editing, album creation, sharing and image archiving for their respective customers.

"We are proud to enhance our member offerings by providing one of the most comprehensive online imaging services in the industry" said Harry Reiter, president of Town & Country.

"Town & Country dealers symbolize the true spirit of the independent photofinisher. We are proud to be associated with T&C and expand our fulfillment network nationwide," said Vahé Christianian, president and CEO of LifePics, Inc., which currently offers their online imaging solution to over 200 storefronts nationwide. For more details, go to

Web Photo School Improves Site

Photoflex Inc.'s Web Photo School has revamped its website to offer easy access to digital photography lessons and improved site navigation. Web Photo School features 200 lessons viewable on its website (, offering photography and digital-imaging lessons for all levels of photographers, taught by leading professional photographers.

"Our lessons can be put to work quickly by a wide variety of users," states Gene Kester, CEO of the Web Photo School. "We strive to present the information in a way that enables students to take first-rate photographs right away."

Web Photo School offers memberships for a reasonable fee, which entitles students to take advantage of as many lessons as they wish, and use the company's online and telephone technical support. Eight free lessons are available to website visitors.

Agfa has improved upon its Vista films with Eye Vision Technology and also redesigned the packaging for North America. The new film will be available in early 2003. The new Vista film packaging was designed with the theme of "Picture Happiness" which incorporates eye catching designs.

The new "Picture Happiness" Agfa Vista films will be available in speeds of ISO 100, 200, 400 and 800 in 35mm format. Its new design includes a "Free Software Download" logo that offers consumers free image editing and archiving software downloads from the Internet, as well as for the AGFAnet Print Service. For more information, check out

Preclick Photo Organizer: Kiosk in the Home

Designed for new digital camera owners, Preclick Photo Organizer enables users to easily organize, preserve, print and share their growing digital photo collections. Printing can be accomplished through online photofinishers.

Preclick Photo Organizer software is designed for convenience and speeddownloading and installing in seconds. Users can scroll through hundreds of pictures per second in Preclick's filmstrip interface. An intuitive PhotoBack interface enables the user to enter caption, subject, title, event, place, and date, as well as rate the picture from one to four stars. The PhotoBack is like a virtual back-of-a-print to the image, used just as you would write on the reverse of a photo print now. Users manage their photo collections through three intuitive tabs: Current Photo, Printing and Emailing.

According to Preclick, their digital asset management software provides customers with a convenient "kiosk in the home" for processing and printing digital images through the Internet.

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