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Konica Presents Holiday Promotion for Retailers

Konica Photo Imaging is offering retailers a holiday "Buy Two, Get One Free" inkjet photo paper promotion. Dealers need to simply purchase two packs of the same SKU of Konica inkjet photo paper, between October 1, 2002 and January 31, 2003 and they will receive one pack of that SKU for free. They can pass along the "Buy Two, Get One Free" directly to their customers, or they can offer customers $2.00 off per pack

According to Daniel Wynne, vice president of marketing, Konica Photo Imaging, Konica is presently one of the most competitive brands in the industry. "With this 'Buy Two, Get One Free' offer, where dealers can pass along the savings to the consumer in the form of a free pack of paper or $2.00 off per pack, Konica dealers are even more competitive than other national brands," he said. Check out for more information.

Samsung Relaunches B2B Website for Photo Dealers

Samsung has relaunched an interactive B2B website at The site offers authorized Samsung camera dealers free product brochures, a listing of service locations and 24/7 product ordering.

Dealers can also benefit from promotional offers and special profit building opportunities featured only on the site.

"Best pricing is always guaranteed," said Ken Gerb, senior vice president of sales for Samsung Camera, "even for a one-piece order." According to Gerb, all products are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Many models are sold out within the first few days of being listed on the site, so dealers are urged to check back often to see the latest profit building opportunities available. New products will be added on a constant basis.

Agfa's Winter Film Promotion

With the upcoming holiday season, Agfa Consumer Imaging has announced its Winter Film Promotion, running through the end of the year. The promotion features 6-packs of Agfa's 200 and 400 speed Vista films, 4-packs of Vista 800, and 2-packs of its new LeBox Flash single-use cameras.

"Fall and Winter with the upcoming holidays are great picture taking times, and with Agfa's special film promotion and displays to match the season, it is a great time too for film sales," said Andreas Rochlitz, senior marketing manager, Agfa. "We offer our retailers an outstanding deal on our most popular films in specially designed packaging and their customers can save with every purchase. Everyone wins."

Retailers participating in the promotion will receive counter displays announcing the winter promotion and coupons that customers can return for a free 8x10 print when they purchase an Agfa LeBox Flash two-pack. Agfa will also be providing participating retailers with free photo paper to print the 8x10s with qualifying display orders. Go to for more.

Gretag Software for Remote Support

Gretag has made the administration, maintenance, and support of digital printing kiosks easier with its new Remote Services Application (RSA) software. RSA software allows technicians, managers, and support staff to view a kiosk's performance from remote locations, including viewing error and usage logs, and upgrading software. RSA software is now available with Gretag image2print software powering all Gretag-branded kiosks, as well as third party-branded Gretag kiosks.

Retailers utilizing the RSA software benefit through lower overall management costs, as well as cost savings by reducing technician visits. In addition, kiosk administrators can change, from their remote location, product and pricing throughout the kiosk network, or do so on a selected or region-by-region basis. They can also track individual kiosk usage data, and gather up-to-date and historical information on kiosk health and status. For more details, check out the website at

Callisto Photo Software for Photofinishers

Callisto Corporation's CD Picture Essentials software was designed specifically for photofinishers offering CDs to their customers. CD Picture Essentials lets customers send photos by e-mail, print them on their home printer, and create PhotoParade slideshows and albums. CD Picture Essentials software can be customized to display the photofinisher's name and also feature a link to their website. The slideshows created with CD Picture Essentials are also co-branded with the photofinisher's name.

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