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Retail Rumblings

Retail Rumblings

April 2001

Concord's Cameras Utilize Displaytech Viewfinders
Concord Camera Corp. and Displaytech Inc. have entered into a supply relationship for the new Concord EyeQ 3x digital camera; as well as for certain other digital cameras in development utilizing the Concord EyeQ design and development platform. Displaytech will supply full-color viewfinder displays for use in the new Concord EyeQ 3x digital camera.
Displaytech's LightView QVGA display module features the company's patented FLC technology. It features 320 x 240 resolution and full, 24-bit color which combines excellent image quality with small size, low cost and negligible power demand.
The compact and sleek looking Concord EyeQ 3x digital camera, at less than 1" thick, is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. The camera features a 3x optical zoom, storage of up to 72 images, and weighs only 4.1 ounces.

Mystic Color Lab chose Corporation to serve its more than 500,000 customers who need Internet storage and prints from their scanned and digital camera photos.
PhotoAccess will provide Mystic with short-term and lifetime image storage services. Mystic will use PhotoAccess' lifetime image storage architecture and its Photon Application Programming Interface to provide customers with fast access to images.
Mystic will brand the entire user experience under the name Mystic Online PhotoCenter launched on April 1, 2001.

FujiFilm received the "IQS" Award from Argraph Corporation during PMA 2001. Argraph established the award in 1989 to recognize the manufacturer who best supports and represents Argraph's commitment to Innovation, Quality and Service. Mark Roth, CEO of Argraph presented the "IQS" Award to Tom Cuffari, Bill Fournier, Bruce Mitchell, and Tom Daly of FujiFilm. Argraph Corp. and its subsidiaries have been a leading distributor of photographic imaging products since 1953.

PNY Technologies Inc., manufacturer of Flash Memory, CD Media and Memory upgrade products for the photography specialty channel has formed an alliance with Raymond Ohannes as a consultant for the company. Ohannes brings to PNY over 30 year's sales, marketing and management experience in the photographic market. Ohannes is president of RO Marketing Associates, Inc. and Managing Director of Connecticut Marketing Associates (CMA).
Pictorico Studio
Pictorico Studio, a new wide-format printing service from Pictorico, addresses the needs of photographers who choose to output their work professionally. Pictorico Studio offers a variety of services including scanning, image enhancement, pre-press and printing.
Photographers will have access to custom sizes of a variety of Pictorico Ink Jet Media products, including Premium PhotoGallery Hi-Gloss White Film; Premium Photo Glossy Paper; Premium WaterColor Card Stock; Premium Canvas; and Premium PolySilk Fabric.
Photographers will be able to discuss their printing needs, determine appropriate media for their images, and place orders via a toll-free number or e-mail.
Mpeg-4 For Digital Cameras
SanDisk Corporation and Zoran Corporation will partner to accelerate the development of MPEG-4 capable digital cameras, flash memory cards and standards. Under a memorandum of understanding signed by both firms, Zoran will integrate new MPEG-4 technologies and other features into its highly successful COACH (Camera On a Chip) processor with SanDisk's technical support, marketing inputs and partial funding.
Both companies will collaborate in adding MPEG-4 technology to digital camera systems and flash memory. The new chip will be optimized to work in future digital cameras that use Secure Digital, MultiMediaCards, CompactFlash and TriFlash components produced by SanDisk.
News Briefs

Tamron's On The Move
Tamron Bronica has moved to a new facility. The new address is 10 Austin Blvd., Commack, NY 11725. Their phone number is 631.858.8400 and the fax is 631.543.3963.

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