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Bringing digital imaging directly to the masses is a route many manufacturers are taking in their efforts to educate the public to the advantages and benefits of digital. Last year, Fujifilm set out on their "Picture of America" tour and Nikon's Coolpix crew traveled the country in a bright yellow van. This year both are back on the road with Hewlett Packard not far behind.
Hewlett Packard's three-vehicle "Bringing it Home" tour is to travel to a total of 300 cities across North America in a yearlong journey that began this spring. The fleet of custom-designed 18-wheel vehicles, outfitted to represent single family homes feature a range of HP products for use in the home office, kid's room, kitchen and living room. Products include digital cameras, printers and software. Visitors to the vehicles and those online can also enter the "Win With HP" sweepstakes. Visit the website at for more information.
Nikon Inc. hit the road June 1 with its "Twist Across America" tour to introduce consumers to the Nikon Coolpix 2500, traveling cross-country in a Coolpix 2500 outfitted van for an 18-city tour. Consumers can travel with the four-member team by visiting to view highlights and photos, as well as enter a sweepstakes to win an Apple iMac and Coolpix 2500 digicam.
Fujifilm's "Picture of America" tour features a 75-foot long 18-wheel vehicle that houses an educational center that includes everything consumers need to take photos and make prints with Fuji products and services. The Picture of America tour will travel around the country through the fall. For more information, check out the website at

Image Data Match Software From DPI
DPI, inc. has introduced the OzE Accumulator, the newest module in the OzE Digital Imaging System. The Accumulator performs perfect image-data match without on-site computers. Designed for school and sports photography as well as for any other product line needing image-data match, the OzE Accumulator features OzE Wand (patent pending) technology.
The technology eliminates the need for a tethered computer (or any other computer) at the photography site. Using the OzE Wand, a small scanner weighing only a few ounces, the photographer enters the required data with a simple swipe of bar-coded information. The data from the scanner as well as the images from the camera card(s) can be downloaded to a computer after the shoot. The images and data are automatically aligned at the end of this process.
In addition, the Accumulator has the ability to match the individual images to the group images for combination prints such as memory mates. Visit for more information.
HoloVision 3-D Interactive Display
Provision Interactive Technologies, Inc. is offering HoloVision, a revolutionary new interactive communications system, to the retailing and advertising industries. The 3-Dimensional displays are interactive and feature movable images that appear to float in space without the need for glasses or other depth enhancing devices.
The displays run on a proprietary software package called HoloSoft. This software formats the content to properly interface with the system to produce a distinguishable, high quality aerial image. The interactive displays allow the consumer to manipulate "floating" images using a mouse or joystick. The HoloVision technology is scalable, and the size of the 3-D aerial image can be as small as a ring or as big as a breadbox.
HoloVision is being marketed as a stand-alone 3-D interactive display for retail stores, kiosks and shopping centers. It is also being offered as a networked display system that provides streaming media of 3-D images to the individual displays. The HoloVision networked display system allows retail chains to instantly change or update the products or messages that appear on systems in each outlet. Sourced from a single computer, streaming advertisements of aerial images flow simultaneously into HoloVision displays.
"We designed HoloVision to revolutionize visual communications displays," said Provision Interactive Technologies, Inc. CEO, Curt Thornton. "Our goal with HoloVision was to create images that are so real that the customer is compelled to reach out and touch them."
Purchase, lease and rental programs can be applied based on customer specific requirements. For information, check out the website at

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