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Kodak Introduces Perfect Touch Processing
"Digital is the most significant innovation in processing since color," according to Scott Auer, vice president, Photofinishing Services, Consumer Imaging, Kodak. Taking advantage of the benefits of digital, Kodak has launched its new Kodak Perfect Touch processing service which is designed to improve the quality of photographs through digital imaging. Perfect Touch processing involves individually scanning and digitally processing each picture for maximum quality.
According to Kodak, the processing service will: remove dark shadows, reveal richer detail, add more vibrant and accurate color to pictures, and improve sharpness and contrast. Kodak Perfect Touch processing will also deliver: each order printed on Kodak Duralife paper, index prints for easy roll identification, sleeved negatives for protection, and back printing of the date.
Kodak plans to begin offering the service through their Qualex overnight processing at first, and then by retailers who use Kodak DLS software with their equipment. Kodak is set to kick off the availability on a regional level in Q3 of 2002, primarily in the Midwest and Northeast U.S. National availability is scheduled for 2003.
Kodak Perfect Touch processing will replace Kodak Picture Processing which will be discontinued once Kodak Perfect Touch is deployed nationally.
Kodak plans to support Perfect Touch processing with an extensive communications campaign that includes consumer education through in-store merchandising and displays. A multi-million dollar advertising campaign will begin late this summer.

A Painted Masterpiece
SmARTlens is offering a new outlab photofinishing service for retailers. Painted Masterpiece allows customers to order paintings from their favorite photos. SmARTlens manipulates the customer's original image, and outputs it onto archival quality, fine art paper or canvas in sizes up to 20"x30." This is a turnkey digital imaging service that retailers can offer to their customers without having to make an expensive investment in computer hardware or personnel.
Participating retailers will have a Painted Masterpiece acrylic counter display (with a brochure pocket), on the photofinishing or framing counter, describing the program.
The customer will then purchase a Masterpiece Painting Order Pack from the retailer, select the original image to be "painted" (print, negative, slide, or digital file), complete the order form, and return everything to the retailer for delivery to SmARTlens.
Upon receiving the Order Pack from the retailer, SmARTlens technicians transform the image into the look of a painting. Images are output using archival inks and papers. Prints are returned to the retailer for customer pickup within two weeks.
New Look For Case Logic
Case Logic is introducing consumers to a new look. Their new logo design, built around the slogan, "What's Inside Survives," is made up of a "C" and "L" forming a distinctive face and light bulb design in vibrant yellow, black and white colors. Case Logic's old logo design had been in use for the past 17 years. The new product packaging will hit retail outlets in March 2002.

The AGFAnet Print Service allows photofinishers and retailers to build their business around the increasing digital imaging user base. With the AGFAnet system, retailers can provide their customers the ability to upload and order prints through the Internet for pick up at the local lab of their choice.
The system is comprised of the following components: client software, which can be downloaded from or provided to the customer by the participating retailer via their own website or on a CD-Rom, and a shared server with the Internet mailbox and lab software for receiving and processing the data. Labs can obtain the software via the Agfa sales channels.

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