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Fuji Offers Helping Hand To Frontier Owners
Fujifilm's new Frontier Crystal Laser Print Dealer Support Program comes at an important time for retailers because while more consumers than ever are purchasing digital cameras, most are printing at home, unaware that their photofinisher can print from digital files as easily as film.
According to Fujifilm's Marie Gutierrez, marketing manager, Retail Digital Systems, Commercial Imaging Division, "Research showed a lack of consumer awareness of digital photofinishing in the retail store environment." The program provides retailers of Frontier minilabs (participating Frontier Digital Lab System Owners) with point of service display items including window banners, in-store signage, bag stuffers, digital files of coupons and promotional materials for retailer printing and use, and more.
One of the most important display items is the Frontier Crystal Laser Print Gallery which shows actual printed examples of the increased quality printing available by their participating photofinisher. Examples of the variety of specialty printing that the Frontier units are capable of are also displayed in the Gallery, as well as highlights of Frontier technology.
Promoting the "Digital Camera Developing" ability of the neighborhood photofinisher is the first step in educating consumers of all that is available to them.
According to Fujifilm, the participating retailers have fully embraced the support program and have reported great results. Gutierrez explains, "Fujifilm is committed to continuing the Frontier Crystal Laser Print Dealer Support Program."
Just as Fuji took the lead with educating consumers across the country throughout their "Fuji FinePix Tour of America" campaign which raised awareness of the benefit of digital imaging, the Frontier Crystal Laser Print Dealer Support Program gives participating retailers the opportunity to expound the resources of digital photofinishing to their customers.

- Diane Berkenfeld

Photo Industry Icon Dies
Norman C. Lipton, respected journalist, publicist and association executive in the photographic industry, died November 26, 2001 at the age of 88.
From 1971 until 1994, he served as executive manager of the Photoimaging Manufacturers & Distributors Association and was a charter member and director of the Photographic Administrators, Inc. from its founding in 1958.
Lipton's interest in photography began at the early age of 10 and extended throughout his lifetime. Norman's association with the photographic industry started in 1938 when he was hired as an editor/writer for E. Leitz, Inc.
Norman eventually established his own public relations company with accounts that included Eumig USA, Hanimex Corp. of Australia and Ilford Photo.
In 1994, Norman retired as Executive Manager of PMDA, a position he had held while running his public relations business. Although he gave up management of PMDA, he remained very active in the organization. In 1992, Norman received the PMDA Lifetime Achievement Award and he was elected an honorary director in 2000.
PMDA president Alan Kessler worked with Norman for 15 years. "He was a true gentleman in our industry and helped guide PMDA to where it is today," Kessler said. "He was a man of honor and integrity. He will be missed by all who knew him."
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