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The performa e.motion 408 Digital Minilab is designed to provide retailers with a cost-effective, flexible, digital minilab that can be the retailer's entry into providing both digital and film-based photo services. The unit features a small footprint, occupying only 11 square feet of floor space. The e.motion408 includes a film processor, high-resolution film scanner, digital printer, touch-screen monitor, and paper processor. The film processor develops all types of film including 110, 135, 120/220, and IX-240. For more information, check out

The New Polaroid Instant Digital Print Kiosk, based on Polaroid Corp.'s Opal technology can print 30 4x6 prints from digital camera media in one minute. The high speed system is targeted at digital camera users looking for a fast and simple way to get digital prints.

In addition to its high-speed printing, the Polaroid Instant Digital Print Kiosk is equipped with a sophisticated Remote Services Application.

According to Polaroid's Paul Baker, divisional vice president and general manager of Opal, "The kiosk's built-in Remote Services Application allows centralized management and implementation of merchandising, promotion, and pricing, as well as automatic communication with the service organization for efficient maintenance. This tool is without precedent in other photo kiosks, and no other kiosk offers this kind of efficiency for a retailer." Go to for more information.

SmARTlens and Walgreens Launch Test of Painted Masterpiece
SmARTlens Corporation's Painted Masterpiece Program is now available in selected Walgreen stores in Chicago and Houston as part of a test launch. Painted Masterpiece turns photos into "paintings" that are printed with archival inks on watercolor paper or canvas at an attractive price.

After purchasing a Painted Masterpiece order pack at Walgreens, the customer sends his image-whether a print, negative, slide, or digital file-to SmARTlens. SmARTlens' trained technicians transform the image into the look of a painting, using the most suitable brushstroke from the Company's Voila!
ARTware painting software.

SmARTlens CEO, Randall Abney, said, "We are delighted that Walgreens, America's largest drugstore chain, chose to be the first major group to test the Painted Masterpiece Program. We feel this will be very exciting for their customers, especially as people enjoy their summer vacation photos."
For more information, check out the website at

New Kodak Batteries for Digital Cameras
Kodak's new Max Digital Camera battery is a non-rechargeable AA alkaline with a new "oxy-alkaline" chemistry for more power. Kodak is offering retailers a variety of support materials to drive in-store awareness and sales. These include merchandising and point-of-purchase tools, a performance claim on the packaging and battery coupons in future Kodak digital cameras in the U.S. The Kodak Max Digital camera battery will be priced comparably to other premium alkaline batteries. Go to to learn more.

JOBO Offers Custom B&W Film Processors
JOBO Fototechnic has introduced custom TechnoLab hanger film processors to meet the specific needs of individual labs. Labs can choose the chemical layout which suits their needs best including incorporating a pre-rinse before developer, a choice of acid stop bath or water, and a variety of chilling options. For labs that want to offer archival processing, a hypo-clearing bath and extended washes are popular choices. TechnoLab black and white film processors are available from JOBO in a variety of sizes. For more information, check

SmartDisk's New Products Target Digital Lifestyle
Continuing its mission to simplify the digital lifestyle, computer hardware maker SmartDisk has unveiled several new products in recent months. Those products include two Mac- and Windows-compatible film scanners, one for consumers/prosumers and one for professionals.

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