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Photogize Gets Top Spot In PTN Products Poll

Readers Pick Technology Over Cameras As "Top Product" in 2004 Survey

Sooner or later it had to happen but we didn't expect it to be this soon or in quite this fashion.

Yes, after several years of dominance by digital cameras in PTN's annual "Top Imaging Products of the Year" poll, our readers have picked a technology for the coveted "Overall Top Imaging Product of the Year" award.

And so, instead of a behemoth like Canon, Nikon, Fuji or Olympus, etc. capturing the top slot for 2004 with a spectacular new digital camera, we have a tiny (by comparison) company called Graphx nabbing not only "Overall Top Imaging Product of the Year" for 2004 for its Photogize "print fulfillment system" for photo retailers but also "Overall Top New Technology" for the latest version of that technology. Congratulations Graphx, our readership of photo retailers quite clearly loves you.

But that's not to say that cameras, particularly digital cameras, were not represented in the poll. In fact, they were all over the place as usual with Nikon's wonderful D70 digital SLR being tapped by our readers as "Top Digital SLR" and Casio's sleek and stylish Exilim EX-Z55 pulling off a surprising win as "Top Consumer Digital Camera."

And there were other surprises including three (relatively) smaller companies—Whitech, Lucidiom and Agfa—finishing in a three-way tie for first in the "Top Digital Photo Kiosk" category, as well as the photo specialty brand Promaster picking up wins in six different product categories.

But enough of my yapping. I'm sure you're anxious to hear about all of the winners, so please turn the page and read on.

Overall Top Product: Graphx's Photogize Technology

Imagine you're a photo retailer with a minilab who is sick and tired of losing all your digital processing business to the Ofoto's and Shutterfly's, not to mention the Wal-Marts and Best Buys, of the world. Sound familiar? Maybe that's why so many of you picked Graphx's Photogize technology as PTN's "Overall Top Product" of the year. Photogize helps retailers stay competitive by allowing a digital minilab to receive digital images from a customer's PC through a dealer's website. Pretty neat, right? Our readers definitely thought so in 2004.


Graphx's Photogize was such the far and away winner this year there was no runner-up in this category, showing how much this product appealed to photo retailers this past year.

Overall Top Technology: Graphx Photogize Technology

Yup, it's those guys from Graphx again with their Photogize technology which allows photo specialty retailers to turn their minilab into an online print business. In a world of corporate conglomerations and massive marketing campaigns, it's nice to see a little company with a great idea get so much positive feedback from the people who fuel this business—the dealers themselves.

Runner-up—Nikon In-Camera Red-Eye Fix

Another technological breakthrough that caught a lot of people's eyes (quite literally) this past year was Nikon's In-Camera Red-Eye Fix which does exactly what its name suggests—fix those creepy red eyes that pop up in digital images, right in the camera.

Winner Digital SLR: Nikon D70

Perhaps the only war we might fully support is the war between Nikon and Canon for supremacy in the Digital SLR market for the only reason that it improves the product. After Canon took top honors from our readers in 2003 with the Digital Rebel, Nikon's top dog this time around with the D70, a 6MP prosumer DSLR with enough features to make even a Pro envious. Kudos Nikon, you've won—this round…

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