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Photobook Department
New products, programs, and services in the growing photobook category

Touch Screen LCD Color Control Panel allows you to select photo books ranging in size from 3"x5" to 11"x14".
Harold's produces greeting cards year round on its Xerox xerographic digital printers for occasions such as births, weddings, holidays and graduations —and for simply saying, "Thank you."
Bob Hanson is the president, and fourth-generation family owner of Harold’s Photo Centers, Inc., a Sioux Falls, S.D.- based chain with stores in South Dakota and Iowa.

On Demand Machinery introduced Super Sewer

On Demand Machinery introduced the ODM Super Sewer, which is an automatic, in-line sewing machine for binding on-demand photobooks up to 1/2-inch thick. New software allows the Super Sewer to produce 3x5, 4x6, and 5x7 books.

One of the features of the Super Sewer is its Back Tack technology, which ensures very strong stitching, so the pages won't come apart. The unit is easily operated with a touchscreen LCD and is fast, offering the ability to sew up to 10 books per minute-from 3x5 up to 11x14.

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. Launches Next Generation of online product creation software

Visan and RocketLife recently announced the next generation of photo creation technology-designed to end the hours of frustration that consumers have lived with when trying to create photo gifts online. allows consumers to instantly create artistic designs and collages-in mere seconds-utilizing Smart Arrangement Technology, which intuitively creates layouts and collages. Consumers can also manually crop, rotate, and manipulate their images, and add text or graphics. Another great feature is 3D Digital Merchandising.

"The heart and soul of is the creation software," said DANIEL KAYE, president of Visan. " offers key advantages, such as the unique 3D Digital Merchandising technology, which displays your photos on real-time, photo-realistic 3D renderings of each product, so customers can see exactly what the products will look like when they are shipped." software can be downloaded for free and features premium products such as photobooks, calendars, collage prints, posters, collage mugs, and more.

With the RocketLife Production Network, retailers and labs can set up an online store powered by RocketLife, including a retailer-branded storefront, shopping cart feature, and back-end fulfillment. Kodak's EasyShare Custom Creations Software is powered by RocketLife.

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