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PMA Unveils 2006 Show Highlights
The Complete Picture, Inspiration Center

The Photo Marketing Association International (PMAI) unveiled an exciting new addition to the 2006 Convention and Trade Show—coming to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, from February 26 through March 1—The Complete Picture Inspiration Center. The Inspiration Center is being designed for PMA by JGA, one of the nation’s leading retail design, brand strategy, and architectural firms. Guidance was also provided by leading photo and marketing experts. PMA has designated 7,000 square feet of trade show floor-space to this new concept store. In addition, a seminar room will be located adjacent to the Inspiration Center. A complete educational program will give retailers practical advice that they can “take away” with them and incorporate into their own marketplace and business.

Marketing to Today’s Consumer

According to PMAI representative Tom Crawford, JGA understands retail, and PMA understands photo, making it an ideal collaborative relationship. The Complete Picture Inspiration Center is designed to provide photo imaging industry members with concrete retail solutions, organized into five comprehensive “inspiration centers.” These centers focus on the core areas of how today’s most powerful customers interact and engage with images. PMAI has named this consumer “Jennifer.” She’s a Gen-X mom, 24–44 years old, with an active lifestyle that produces events and picture-taking opportunities. She’s passed soccer mom status, is a working mom, over-committed, and she wants a total solution that works!

When provided with affordable products and services, this group can be powerful in the photo business. The main challenges for the industry are to understand the experiences and motivations of this group and achieve—through products, service, and store design—an intimate relationship with them.

5 Inspiration Centers=The Total Picture

Designed to market solutions for consumer needs, not showcase products, The Complete Picture will feature five Inspiration Centers:

Preserving: the types of solutions or products in this area include framing supplies, albums, and gifts;

Creating: this area will showcase those products that let consumers do more with their pictures, such as scrapbooking, photo calendars, and a myriad of output options;

Celebrating: as most photography is focused around such events as birthdays, the items on display in this section of the center will offer consumers a solution for recording their celebrations—with a focus on prepackaged solutions, such as kit rentals and event kits, as well as seasonal activities;

Performance: these are the products or services that a consumer will pay more for, if it does a better job as a solution to their problem—for those customers who demand the best-performing high-end products and services. Tech to make life better, not just tech for the sake of tech; and

Connecting: these are displays of the type of product or services that are enticing to the next generation of customers—to the youth—and include such solutions as wireless, soft displays for digital imagery, and other solutions that go beyond prints.

According to PMAI, there may be replication of product, where items fit into more than one of the designated categories, but that’s OK when marketing to attain specific benefits for customer needs.

Retailers visiting The Complete Picture Inspiration Center will be able to receive customized information, to aid in identifying target customers, enhance and emphasize services, and successfully implement lifestyle retailing.

For the independent retailer who can’t afford the services of a world-class design firm such as JGA, PMAI is doing its part to bring everything together for the independent to learn to better their businesses, so they can compete on more of an equal footing.

Bringing More Value To Attendees

In addition to The Complete Picture Inspiration Center, PMAI has added new pavilions, seminars, and more to the 2006 PMA show, which this year marks its 82nd year.

PMAI continues to bring the various avenues of imaging under a single umbrella for the benefit of its members. “Each one of the member associations is deeply invested in the success of the industry,” explains Ted Fox, executive director of PMAI, “and is able to respond to the needs of its like-minded members in a fashion that creates a deep emotional connection and sense of personal involvement between the individual, the association, and the industry.”

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