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Fuji "Picture of America" Tour Heads Across the U.S.

By Diane Berkenfeld

July 2001

Visitors enjoy the hands-on experience of Fuji digital cameras. The 18-wheeler Fuji FinePix Truck. Workstations are set up to provide visitors with a demonstration of the ease in which Fuji products and services allow sharing, storing, and printing of their digital images. Fujifilm Website allows consumers to follow the progress of the Fuji FinePix Truck in its tour across America.

Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc., has embarked upon a national marketing campaign to educate consumers about digital imaging. The FinePix "Picture of America" Tour consists of a 75-foot long, 18-wheel truck that houses an interactive information center for Fujifilm's FinePix digital cameras, photographic services and array of digital products. The marketing campaign - what consumers will learn when visiting the FinePix Truck - Fujifilm's simple solution to digital imaging is "Shoot, Store, Print and Share."
A kick-off in New York City in May marked the beginning of the FinePix "Picture of America" Tour visiting 40 cities across the United States, covering over 30,000 miles which will take 10 months to complete. The Truck itself measures 75 feet from end to end; is 13-feet 6-inches in height; weighs 72,300-pounds; and when both sides of the truck are expanded outward, create an interior space of 1,000 square feet. An onboard generator powers the computers and Philips plasma screens that make up the FinePix Digital Living Wall - showcasing images taken with FinePix cameras.
"Even though consumer interest in digital photography is soaring, many consumers are hesitant to jump into digital imaging because it seems too complex," said Stanley E. Freimuth, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. "We designed the FinePix 'Picture of America' Tour to make digital photography more accessible to consumers by simplifying the technology and providing the education they need to make informed purchasing decisions. By showcasing our complete line of digital imaging and information products, services and e-solutions, our goal is also to build brand awareness as well as demonstrate the potential of digital imaging to both consumers and retailers."
Included on the stops that the FinePix Truck will make are visits to retail outlets, sporting events, state fairs and other venues that draw large numbers of consumers. For retailers, this means more consumers in their local areas being exposed to digital imaging and increased traffic. Some of the retailers that are scheduled for visits by the Fuji FinePix Truck Tour are Ritz Camera Centers, K-Mart, and Circuit City.
"We, at Ritz Camera Centers, feel that the Fujifilm Finepix "Picture of America" Tour is an excellent tool to promote digital photography. It educates, and in turn, encourages the visitors to come to our stores for more information and make digital camera purchases," explains Gretchen Adams, Media Manager for Ritz Camera Centers Inc.
As of press time, the Fuji FinePix Truck has already traveled to New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida.
Activities that Fuji is sponsoring in addition to the Truck include a nationwide sweepstakes, local retailer tie-ins, radio spots in select cities, and a specially commissioned digital mosaic featuring the faces of visitors to the FinePix Truck. Each visitor will have their own portrait taken with a digital camera and then walked through the easy steps to store, print and share the picture using Fuji products.
Everyone can follow the FinePix Truck's trek across the nation by visiting the Website created just for the "Picture of America" Tour at Our readers can stay tuned - as PTN hitches along with Fuji - and captures the reactions of retailers and consumers alike.