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American Spirit
As a way to visually capture the American spirit, photomosaic artist Rob Silver has created the Fujifilm "Picture of America," a digital mosaic comprised of 8,300 individual images taken across the country during Fuji's "Picture of America" tour.
At a special ceremony in his office recently, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-IL) and Representatives Ben Gilman (R-NY) and Earl Hiliard (D-AL) received the 4x5-foot digital Photomosaic from Stanley Freimuth, executive vice president and COO of Fuji Photo Film, U.S.A., Inc.
"The message of the 'Picture of America' is simple-in unity there is strength," Freimuth said.
Business on the Rebound
PTN recently polled several East and West coast retailers to gauge how their businesses were affected by the September 11 terrorist attack. Results show that those in the East suffered various degrees of loss while those in the West saw little, if any, change in sales.
"Business has dropped off since September 11," confirmed Tilben Photo and Electronics' (located on Long Island, NY) Steven Sedlik.
"Our holiday season was off a little bit, but not terribly. It has not picked up yet; we're running a little under last year. It's hard to say when it will get back to normal because we're a summer-oriented community," he noted.
Alkit's Park Avenue location is located not far from Ground Zero, and although business was initially off, it has improved quite a bit in recent months, said Alkit's Ed Buchbinder.
"It's been swinging up and we're quite pleased with that," he noted.
"We had a pretty sharp decline initially," said Mike Woodland of Allentown, PA's Dan's Camera City, "but fortunately over Christmas we came back, and were slightly ahead of past holiday seasons.
"It's nothing to get excited about except it's worth getting excited that we weren't down given the economy and everything else."
On the West Coast, Samy's Camera in L.A. reported that the company saw no decline in business and Mike's Camera in Colorado had a 7% increase in gross sales over the previous year.
Photobition Sells U.S. Labs
U.K.-based Photobition Group PLC sold its photographic labs in Detroit, Michigan and Atlanta, Georgia to Steve Grundner, a current member of the executive team. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The company's facilities will continue to be located in the original locations, in Troy, Mich., and Atlanta, Georgia.
The name of the labs will revert back to Meteor, the original name of the company, in business for 65 years when Photobition bought it and changed the name. Many of the original employees will remain.
The purchase continues the trend of buyouts of other Photobition facilities, after Photobition went into receivership in the U.K.
Microtek Scanners Offer ASF Technology
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