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Canon's latest addition to its line of PowerShot digital cameras: the PowerShot S300 Digital ELPH. The 2.1 Megapixel camera's features include a powerful 3x zoom lens, 20 frame-per-second movie clips with audio, shutter speeds from 1 second to 1/1500 second, and a choice of nine image quality modes. The S300 takes Type I CompactFlash Cards and will be shipped with an 8MB CF card. One of the more interesting accessories that are available is the WP-DC100 dedicated underwater housing with a depth rating of 100 feet. For more information, visit

The EPSON PhotoPC 3100Z will be Epson's first digital camera to include PRINT Image Matching technology which ensures that digital cameras and printers work perfectly together to optimize the input and output. The PhotoPC 3100Z 3 MP digital camera offers a convenient way to mark pictures for printing with a print button located on the back of the camera.
The camera also features a 3x optical zoom, 35-second Web-ready video clip feature, a stitching feature and a built-in hot shoe. The camera also offers add-on lens capability for optional 49mm close-up, wide angle and telephoto converter lenses, as well as filters.
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Polaroid's newest consumer digital camera, the PhotoMAX PDC 640 CF, offers two image resolution modes and a memory slot for a CompactFlash card. The PhotoMAX PDC 640 CF is a 640 x 480 resolution digital camera with all the features of Polaroid's traditional VGA digital cameras, including multiple resolution settings, 2 MB of internal memory, and an LCD monitor/viewfinder.
Photos can also be uploaded instantly through software to a personal Web page on, where users can create postcards and display their latest photography work.
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Minolta Corporation has introduced two easy to operate high-end digital cameras designed to appeal to photographers, photo enthusiasts and a host of business users. The new Single-Lens Reflex-type Minolta DiMAGE 7 (5.24 MP) and DiMAGE 5 (3.34 MP) digital cameras feature 7x optical and 2x digital zooms. The Digital Effects Control allows users to adjust the color saturation, contrast and exposure before saving the image to a Type I or Type II CompactFlash card. The Flex Focus Point feature in the digital camera expands focusing control by allowing the photographer to choose the position of the focus frame anywhere within the field of view.
The DiMAGE 7 will be available to consumers in July. The DiMAGE 5 will follow in August.
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Nikon's new Coolpix 995 features a 3.34 Megapixel CCD, 4x Optical Zoom-Nikkor lens and built-in 4x stepless digital zoom. The built-in multi-mode Pop-up flash helps rid portraits of red-eye problems. External flash power is available when connecting up to 5 Nikon Speedlights via an optional accessory flash bracket. The Coolpix 995 accepts all optional COOLPIX converter lenses and accessories. The included rechargeable Lithium ion battery offers extended use over normal alkaline batteries. The camera also offers manual and auto focus and exposure.
The Coolpix 995 uses both Type I and II CompactFlash cards and comes with a Lexar CF card.
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The SnapShare system from Konica Photo Imaging allows consumers to shoot and share their special moments over the Internet, with audio, in minutes. The SnapShare concept is designed to heighten store traffic and enhance impulse purchases, as it builds consumer interest in digital photography in a variety of retail channels. The SnapShare package design packs a powerful billboard effect at the point of sales.
It includes a full complement of easy-to-use, state-of-the-art components, including the new Konica e-mini-M digital camera, a Hewlett-Packard scanner, Corel software, SanDisk memory card, Konica inkjet paper - plus one free month of Internet access from AT&T WorldNet.
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