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New Products

New Products

April 2001

Creative Lighting Made Easy
New from Nikon Incorporated is their SB-50DX speedlight. The SB-50DX features TTL control and is compatible with Nikon's Total Imaging System including 35mm SLRs and digital SLRs. When used with a Nikon SLR such as the N80 or N65 that feature built-in flashes, the SB-50DX can act as a bounce flash or TTL wireless slave independent of the built-in flash or at the same time. The SB-50DX comes with the Soft Case SS-30 and Infrared Filter SW-91R.
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Concord Introduces New APS Cameras
Concord Camera introduced its newest additions to the Le Clic by Concord Advanced Photo System Camera line, the Le Clic LC300 Auto Focus and the Le Clic LC250 Automatic Cameras, at the PMA Show. These new cameras offer APS enthusiasts an ultra-compact ergonomic design, and auto shut-off circuitry designed to extend battery life and a LCD monitoring panel. The Le Clic LC250 and the LC300 are available in metallic silver embossed finish, with brown or black leatherette textured trim. For more information, visit

Olympus America Inc. announced the P-400 Business Edition photo printing solution. The P-400 Business Edition combines the P-400 professional quality, high speed dye-sublimation printer with photo paper and ink cartridges to print 150 full-size (A4) sheets, and One Year Priority Exchange Service.
Designed to maximize productivity in the business environment, the One Year Priority Exchange Service Program provides a replacement or loaner printer overnight to ensure uninterrupted use. Also included is access to a toll-free technical and service support line to answer questions quickly. The P-400 is a low-cost, high-speed dye-sublimation printer offering a range of output options: full-size, single-sheet photo album, postcard, or index sheet with up to 260 pictures.
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New from the F.J. Westcott Company are two new umbrellas. The 86-inch size umbrellas come in either Optical White Satin or Black with a Silver Interior. The oversized Optical White Satin umbrella will offer photographers a larger diffusive light source to bounce light off of, or shoot through. The Black with Silver interior umbrella will offer a large reflective surface.
Wescott's line of umbrellas, available in various fabrics include the 86-inch as well as the 32-, 43-, 45-, and 60-inch umbrellas.
Porter Case Photoplus
Photoplus is the newest case in the Porter Case line. The Photoplus is a fully lined case; featuring, in the lid, a three section briefcase style accordion portfolio lid with pockets and pouches for discs, filters, pens, etc. The bottom has adjustable high density foam padded dividers to protect expensive camera equipment. Many customers are using the Photoplus to customize the interior for their presentation equipment, their digital camera equipment, or to use as a mobile office.

Argraph Corporation's unique Red Eye Dots are an innovative patented product for removing "red eye" from photos. Red Eye Dots are an inexpensive, consumer friendly, one-step solution that consists of various sized cyan dots, or filters, printed on clear mylar.
By positioning the appropriate size dot over the red eye area of the photo, and tracing over the dot with a pen or pencil, the dot transfers to the surface of the photograph and neutralizes the red color. The original integrity of the print, including the twinkle of the eye, is maintained.
Red Eye Dots offer significant improvement over red eye pens due to the fact that the dots are much easier and faster to use than pens. With 1600 dots, one sheet will correct many more photos than the average pen. If the photographer makes a mistake, he can easily remove the dot with scotch tape without damaging the photo and reapply a new dot. Red Eye Dots will not smudge, fade or stain. Red Eye Dots are shipped in a dynamic, self-selling full color counter display box for impulse sales.

LifeWorks Photo Album is the first software application to incorporate Iomega's new Active Disk Technology. I'll Take Mine To Go Active Disk allows the LifeWorks Photo Album software to run directly from the Zip disk - no installation needed.
With LifeWorks Photo Album, you can organize several photos to print on a single page. LifeWorks allows you to arrange and resize multiple photos on a virtual page layout screen. Organize your photos by year, by subject, or even create a scrapbook.
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