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New Products

New Products

March 2001

Agfa launched its new 35mm color negative film family including the first ISO 800 color negative film in the Agfa product line. The Agfacolor Vista family will include 100, 200 and 400 film speeds, in addition to the new Vista 800; and will replace the current Agfa HDCplus consumer films.
The common feature of all the new film materials is Eye Vision technology. This Agfa innovation involves modified sensitization of the emulsions to more accurately reflect the perception of color by the human eye. For more information, visit

Metz has introduced two new flash units and a refined version of their SCA adapter system. The Metz 70MZ-5 and 70MZ-4 have a high output guide number of 212 at ISO 100, 105mm focal length. When combined with the appropriate SCA 3002 adapter module, they support the most advanced dedicated flash functions of all major SLR camera brands. Two buttons and a single thumb wheel control an intuitive menu system with all data displayed on a large, easy-to-read, illuminated LCD panel.
For more information, contact Bogen Photo Corp. at (201) 818-9500 or on the Web at

Studio Dynamics now offers dealers a new line of soft muslin backdrops. The Designer Soft Series of backdrops offers 39 different color combinations. Most muslin backdrops soften with use, but the Designer Soft Series is unique in that it does not need a break-in period. This is accomplished by the use of a unique color-fast dye. Each backdrop comes in its own styled bag, ready for easy display.
For more information, call Studio Dynamics at 1-800-595-4273.

Vivitar introduced the PZ3155, a compact 4X power zoom. The PZ3155 includes a host of features including self-timer, red-eye reduction and automatic film speed setting from ISO 50-3200. The flash system features automatic, fill-in and off modes. The camera has motorized advance, rewind and manual mid-roll rewind. A 9 function LCD displays important information and the automatic date-a-print feature adds the date to each shot. The PZ3155 is powered by one 3V lithium battery. For more information, visit

Nikon introduced the FM3A, a manual-focus, 35mm SLR camera. The FM3A inherits many of the FM2's features, including a durable die-cast metal body; center-weighted TTL, full-aperture exposure metering with exposure compensation; and a top shutter speed of 1/4000 second, plus bulb.
The FM3A utilizes the Nikon F mount and features a maximum sync speed of 1/250 second. Film advance of 3.2 frames per second is possible with the MD-12 Motor Drive. When used with Nikon TTL Speedlights the FM3A's TTL sensor monitors both ambient and flash illumination. The FM3A's hybrid shutter control system enables full mechanical shutter range plus electronic shutter speed range of operation. For mechanical operation the shutter's control does not require battery power.
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The Kinetronics Tiger Cloth is an anti-static, microfiber cloth that has been specifically engineered for cleaning photographic films. The 10x18 inch orange cloth has stripes of conductive fibers that drain off static charges. The lint-free ultra-soft cloth has hundreds of thousands of small pockets in the microfiber cloth to capture and trap dust and dirt from the film. The Tiger Cloth is not wet or soggy and exposure to air won't dry it out. It is sold in boxes of 10.

Case Logic introduced the DMC line of Digital Memory Cases. The padded DMC-1 provides reliable protection for memory cards and four AA batteries and is the perfect companion for a digital camera. Other features on the DMC-1 include mesh pockets with elastic straps for storage of several memory cards in their own protective cases. The pocket-sized DMC-2 holds up to six memory cards and is small enough to fit securely inside a shirt pocket. The DMC-2 is small enough to fit inside the DMC-1 or inside the storage pockets of camera or camcorder bags.
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Ilford Imaging's new film and paper Value Pack combines the speed of Delta 3200 Professional Film with Multigrade RC Cooltone Paper. Designed to introduce students and photo enthusiasts to two of Ilford's newest products - two trial rolls of 35mm size Delta 3200 Professional film and a development chart are packaged with the purchase of 25 8" x 10" sheets of Multigrade RC Cooltone Paper. The film is available in 35mm 36-exposure cassettes and 120 roll film.
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